200,000 Telecom Jobs Created with 4G Launch, NA Informed

Telecom jobs

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the launch of 4G has certainly reformed the telecommunication industry. With this earth-shattering headway, various open doors have emerged, preparing for an upsurge in work across the area.

The 4G Revolution: A Catalyst for Job Creation

The introduction of 4G has without a doubt acted as a catalyst for job creation in the telecommunications area. This cutting-edge remote innovation has introduced unmatched speed, effectiveness, and availability, improving the general client experience.

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As the demand for faster and more reliable communication surges, telecommunication companies have been compelled to expand their operations and infrastructure, leading to an upswing in job opportunities.

Significant Increase in Employment

The cabinet informed the National Assembly (NA) that 200,000 telecom employees were created as a result of the introduction of 4G in Pakistan.

According to information presented to the National Assembly, 30 mobile device manufacturing companies offered 50,000 job prospects while 5780 people received direct employment from telecom companies following the introduction of 3G and 4G.

There are currently around 44,200 people employed by telecom businesses in Pakistan. There are in excess of 128 million internet users around the world.

The making of the Universal Service Fund (USF), another board for the development of telecom telecommunications all throughout the country, was recently settled by the federal government.

The report of the Ministry of Information Technology (IT) to make USF, another board for the advancement of telecommunications administrations, with individuals who are subject matter professionals, was acknowledged by the federal cabinet.

As per sources, the chairman of the USF Board would be the secretary of IT, and the board will likewise incorporate the director of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and different individuals from the telecom.

The CEO of the Universal Service Fund (USF), monetary master Ayla Majid, telecom master Muhammad Yousuf, and legal expert Sofia Saeed have all been added to the board.

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