Intel Joins the List of Tech Companies Streamlining Operations and Cutting Jobs

Tech giants cut jobs Intel joins Google, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft

To decrease costs, Intel will shrink its personnel. The precise number of lost jobs was not made public by the chipset manufacturer. But it made clear that there would be widespread layoffs.

To keep up with long-haul development, the company noticed the need to speed up its arrangement in a troublesome macroeconomic environment while proceeding to put resources into key pieces of its tasks, similar to its assembling offices in the US.

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Even if the macroeconomic situation is difficult to navigate, Intel is attempting to expedite its approach. Through a number of initiatives, including certain business- and function-specific personnel reductions across the organization, we are concentrated on finding cost savings and efficiency benefits.

To keep up with areas of strength for us for long-haul development, we keep on putting resources into regions that are major to our business. We are dedicated to treating impacted employees with respect and dignity, even if these are difficult decisions.

Because of a decrease in PC deals, Intel posted its most obviously terrible quarterly misfortune in the organization’s set of experiences the month before. The principal quarter of the year saw income decline by 36% YoY and an overall deficit of $2.8 billion. The business still distributed $1.5 billion in dividends despite the loss.

A Wall Street Journal report from October of last year indicated that Intel has reduced CEO and staff pay and that Intel intended to decrease expenses by $3 billion in 2023 through targeted job losses.

As businesses attempt to negotiate the present economic situation, the tech sector is still experiencing a wave of layoffs, and Intel is the most recent company to follow the pattern. LinkedIn has now joined the lengthy list of tech firms that have let go of staff members. Over 700 workers were recently let go by the Microsoft-owned company, which also intends to shut down its job-search app with a China focus.

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