Take Virtual Tours of the Vatican and Jerusalem

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Christians will be viewing Holy Week services online instead of attending. If you need another reason the spend time online that make a virtual visit to the Holy Sites around the world.

Italy`s COVID-19 shutdown has made St Peter Square virtually empty for this reason Google Earth gives a nice aerial overview of St Peter`s Basilica and Vatican City. By clicking fly here to get more information about the respective building.

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In Addition, Vatican Museums offers a collection of 7 virtual 360-degree tours of Sistine Chapel and Raphael`s Rooms

Jerusalem considered being the holiest site for trinity religions i.e Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Using Google Earth street mode you can visit the ground of the holy land. You can explore several sites and the surroundings including a garden at the foot of Mount of olives.

And you can also view the Church of Holy Sepulchre which is the Tomb of Jesus Christ (PBUH).

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ considered Jerusalem “The Holy City” and visited the rock of the Temple Mount during his night journey on a winged steed al-Burak in 620 Jerusalem.

You can visit these holy sites and be enthralled by there legacy.

You can also use Samsung VR to experience it in full form or Visit Tower Of David. The Tower of David experience is free for a limited time. You need to install flash on your browser to watch this amazing experience.




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