Summary: The Wolf of Wall Street

This movie is based on the story of a man who started with a brokerage firm but driven by greed and corruption, his family and business all went the downhill. It is based on a true story of John Belfort played by the actor Leonardo Dicaprio. The director of the movie Martin Scorese has created a film that focuses on black comedy crime and analyzes that Stratton Oakmont, on which the movie is based, it is shown that he was involved in rampant corruption and committed fraud with various agencies.

This movie makes people aware of the cybercrimes and teaches lessons regarding the financial aspects. The main star of the movie Leonardo DiCaprio, played the role of Jordan Balfort who had various partners as well as business partners involved with him so that corruption can be done in a smart way whereas friends and family were involved in doing corruption with the site. The issues got investigated by the FBI agents and found out that it was linked to corruption on a larger scale. It was found that Stratton Oakmont, the star of the movie, was associated with all the wrongdoings and was occupied with widespread defilement as well as extortion with the organizations.

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In the motion picture, there was a great emphasis on the makes related to the debate because of the allegations. The defilement was done by Jordan Belfort in the Long Island; penny stockbroker. He served 22 months in jail when the government state became more acquainted about the extortion he did. The consideration of financial aspects showed an accurate depiction of how he committed the fraud and when the movie was released, the audience praised Leonardo DeCaprio for his real-life character.

In the movie, Jordon opened a Swiss Bank account for hiding the money with the help of Jean-Jacques Saurel who was a corrupt British national and was linked to American authorities. In order to settle the bank account, Jordon travelled to Switzerland where his Aunt Emma died of the heart attack. After that Belfort was sentenced to two years of jail with minimum security prison.

According to the Belfort’s viewpoint, there was an entire film in the stockbroker of te New York City. With the involvement of the FBI agents, the issues were explored and were identified with the debasement. This film is highly recommended because it is one of the best movies of 2013.

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