Stunning Apple iPhone 12 Design Revealed

Apple’s new iPhone 12 is expected to unveil this fall. The new phone is expected to have new amazing features, modern design, and a new camera.

YouTuber “ConceptsiPhone” and designer “Mauro Battino” have compiled a great iPhone 12 Pro concept video. We at BeingGuru have been covering iPhone leaks since 2017 and we know definitely now, these leaks are just too real as if some insider resource deliberately leaked them, yes formally — (pun intended).

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Smaller Notch – Boxy Design

In an attempt to shrink screen space, iPhone 12 may have a smaller notch area. The new phone may come with boxy metal sides pretty similar to the old iPhone 4.



It seems like Apple has heard its users wish. iPhone users were expecting to get iPhone SE 2nd generation with a full screen similar to iPhone X but in the most popular body of iPhone 7. This did not happen but now the leak suggests, iPhone 12 may just arrive with a full screen while keeping the phone size small i.e 5.4-inch.


iPhone 12 is expected to come with a brand new Navy Blue color options. Apple seems to be scraping Midnight-Green color which was getting popular.

The new iPhone 12 is expected to come with A14 processor, 5G connectivity, 5GB RAM, improved Face ID, and the latest iOS i.e iOS 14.color

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