Stressed? These 6 steps can help you cope with anxiety

On a daily basis, you worry about things you can control, things you cannot control, things you think might happen, things you would like to happen, and everything in between. You feel as if you worry enough, the scary thing might never happen. But the research has suggested techniques that can help you cope with recurrent worries. Following are a few approaches to try:

Repeat your worry:

Anything you are worried about, repeating it many times would make you bored of it and so you will let go of it easily. So, take the thought that is troubling you and say it over and over again. It’s hard for your mind to keep thinking about a specific thing if repeated that many times, you will eventually get rid of it.

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Exaggerate your worries:

Trying to control anxiety only increases it, therefore, exaggerate them, and see what happens. Intentionally, fake the worse situation and see how you feel. When you know what possibly can go wrong, you get mental preparation for it.

Be aware of the false alarms:

You must be able to identify the false alarms that make you think something has gone wrong. A fast heartbeat does not mean you are having a heart attack, similarly, many thoughts that you interpret are cues of concern. Once you notice them, let them pass and everything will come back to normal.

Think of your anxiety as a movie:

One way to let go of your worries is to imagine that your anxious thoughts are some kind of movie. Observe your actions as a calm observer and see how a character comes up with solutions for the occurring problems.

Set a specific time for worrying:

The best way to get rid of worries is to set a specific time for worrying. Try setting aside twenty minutes each day just for your worries. Think of the causes and come up with solutions. As time is over, don’t think about those things again and set them for a later session. Next time, when you’ll think about those issues, they don’t seem like a problem anymore.

Don’t stop living your life:

Worries often stop you in your track and make you forget the life you had been living. Worries make you sleepless and have a rapid pulse. Instead, if you think about what is in front of you and how beautiful life is, you will not find room for worrying.

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