Smartphone is an addiction but these 7 beautiful things happen when you minimize the usage

According to studies, having your phone nearby even if it is not buzzing or ringing or even if it is turned off can influence your performance. You pay attention to your phone and don’t even realize how distracting it can be when you are doing your work. Your phone can influence your behavior in ways you might not even be consciously aware of.

Following are the few good things that will happen if you put your phone down and will bring a lot of joy in your life:

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Makes you more productive:

When you have your phone with you, you spend a lot of time looking at random photos and videos. These are the activities that waste a lot of your time and you don’t have any actual purpose to do them. There is always something productive that you can do instead like working on your blog, listening to a podcast, etc.

You become more social:

When you stop focusing on your phone, you actually become connected to the real world. Instead of searching on your phone, you start asking people about different things and become connected to the people. You get to know people better and your life becomes more engaging.

You feel less stressed:

Being constantly attached to your phone, you feel stressed all the time. It is because you are constantly aware of what is going on in your professional life and it does not allow you to relax. When you put your phone away and focus on what you are doing, you feel less stressed and become aware of your surroundings.

Living in the moment:

When you get rid of the stress, you become aware of the things around you and start to see the world more clearly. You feel free from the burden of future assumptions and expectations and begin to live in the moment.

Relationships get better:

By putting your phone aside, you become better at your relationships. Because when you use your phone while interacting with someone it seems really disrespectful to the other person. The level of communication gets a lot better when you are not distracted by your phone.

You feel more in control:

When you know where your time is being spent, you feel more empowered. When things are getting done then it means you are taking control of things and staying focused on what is important. This makes you feel empowered in your everyday life.

You become happier:

By putting your phone away, you become more productive. This helps your social, mental, and occupational life to benefit from the ability to put down your phone when it is needed. As a result, you become happier and more content every time your phone gets shuts off.

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