Secrets to Selling on LinkedIn – Master Class

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LinkedIn is a professional, modern business networking website with many rich features. The tools enable businesses to reach out to their potential target audience and connect with them successfully.

Not only for businesses, but LinkedIn is also a great tool for professionals to seek better opportunities all over the world.

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In the real world, many sales professionals find it hard to maintain the connection with their potential prospects, it is estimated, 25% of deals never materialize.

Here is what you need to do on LinkedIn to leverage the most from the platform.

Building an expert brand on your profile.

A profile is everything, its a landing page everyone takes a look at. The profile needs to exhibit the best version of you and your expertise. A good LinkedIn profile has an action-oriented tagline to grab the attention at first sight and encouraging the user to know more about you. Also, rich media helps in visualizing your brand and engagement.

Building a lead list.

You can reach out to potential buyers on LinkedIn by targeting them specifically. By using lead builder inside LinkedIn sales navigator, you can identify ideal prospects based on data given on their profile. This also includes the ability to connect using geographical presence, company size, user’s role in the organization.

Recommended leads.

By logging in daily to see recommended leads, you are advised to engage with them. By using TeamLink within the sales navigator, you can see everyone in your connections with further connections to key accounts.

Master introductions.

On LinkedIn, you can always ask others for an introduction to a connection. This is a great way of engaging with an account.

Using a warm hand-off, the name drop and the warn outreach, you can connect in a way at a good pace. You can also send an InMail message with your appeal. By referring to a personal interest or a college you’ve attended, you can establish a personal connection that you can always follow up later.

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Written by Tauseef Sarwar

Digital Marketer with 15 Years of experience in Management & Marketing. SEO Consultant, specialising in Social Media Marketing & Branding. Adobe and Google Certified Professional.