Saudi Arabia Sets Umrah Record: 13.55M Pilgrims in 2023

Saudi Arabia Sets Umrah Record: 13.55M Pilgrims in 2023

Record Umrah Pilgrimage in 2023

Minister of Hajj and Umrah, Dr Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, revealed a historic milestone at the 3rd annual Hajj and Umrah Services Conference, with 13.55 million pilgrims performing Umrah in 2023, a 58% increase from 2019.

Saudi Government’s Role in the Surge

Dr Al-Rabiah credited the Saudi government’s elaborate facilities and arrangements for the surge, highlighting the success in facilitating the pilgrimage experience and surpassing the previous record of 8.55 million pilgrims in 2019.

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Global Participation and Agreements

Under King Salman’s patronage, the conference attracted leaders from over 80 countries. Dr. Al-Rabiah announced the involvement of more than 35 companies in Hajj services, emphasizing increased international collaboration through electronic visas and agreements with Gulf countries.

Infrastructure Investment and Training Initiatives

Saudi Arabia put SR5 billion in infrastructure projects at holy sites. Dr. Al-Rabiah framed endeavours to prepare north of 120,000 staff in the Hajj and Umrah system, alongside mindfulness drives and laying out a mindfulness community in collaboration with the General Authority of Endowments.

Transportation Enhancements and Future Plans

Efforts to improve transportation include permitting expatriates from Gulf countries to issue electronic visas. Plans also include:

  • Increasing direct flights from 164 to 216 destinations.
  • A 32% increase.
  • Developing historical sites to enhance the overall pilgrimage experience.

Saudi Arabia‘s Commitment to Pilgrimage Services

These drives highlight Saudi Arabia’s obligation to further develop pilgrimage, displaying a commitment to improving the experience for Umrah explorers and cultivating a positive and vital excursion.

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