Richard Branson’s advice to entrepreneurs

Richard Branson has outlasted many of his competitors and established many different businesses. He loved creating things and struggled to provide solutions to the problems arising around the world. From many aspects, Richard Branson can be regarded as the ideal entrepreneur.

He started Virgin Group 46 years ago and directed more than a hundred companies. The way he dealt with challenges and risks in his professional life was no different from the way he approached those risks in his personal life. Now a documentary is being made on his struggles as an entrepreneur. “Don’t Look Down” is the film that highlights recordings of his hot-air balloon voyages, transatlantic in 1987, and transpacific in 1991.

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Starting his career as a young entrepreneur, Richard Branson is in the best position to offer advice to young entrepreneurs. He found his passion for work and stood positive during stressful times. The most common advice that he offers to young entrepreneurs is as follows

He asks entrepreneurs if they see any problems around the world and can come up with solutions that can make people’s lives less miserable. If they do then it is easy for them to start a business and be successful in what they do.

He also advises people to just go after what they are looking for and never hesitate to try different things. Holding ideas back can be sometimes a loss of a very good opportunity.

With the start of his business, Branson tried his hand at every work but soon realized he wasn’t suited for some particular jobs. He handed over those responsibilities to people who did them well. He advises young entrepreneurs to set aside their egos and put people to work at places they can work better.

It is important for young entrepreneurs to encourage people and try to bring out their best. It is good to surround oneself with good people, listen to them, and let them have a go. Workers can turn into a backbone for any business and can make it succeed.

Via: Business Insider


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