Easing the Tax Burden on Freelancers: PAFLA’s Proposal

The public authority ought to eliminate the expense on the pay of consultants who are acquiring valuable unfamiliar trade for the nation through chipping away at various activities for unfamiliar clients.

The Pakistan Freelancers Association (PAFLA) demanded that the government eliminate the variable tax rate that applied to every income transaction made by freelancers in their bank accounts and ranged from 1% for return filers to 2% for non-filers in a budget proposal that was sent to the government and relevant authorities.

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According to the CEO of PAFLA Tufail Ahmed Khan, the majority of freelancers in Pakistan work on a variety of platforms that deduct their fees at varying rates. Additionally, a variety of money transfer services deduct a fee from the freelancers, reducing their overall income significantly.

During the latest financial year, 2021-2022, freelancers make $400 million. By the end of the current fiscal year, freelancers are likely to match this value, according to estimates.

The public authority ought to guide business banks to offer free types of assistance to specialists in the nation so they could straightforwardly keep up with their records in Pakistan’s banks as opposed to accepting their pay through roundabout channels from various nations.

PAFLA asked the government to provide freelancers with a dedicated workstation in IT parks and Special Technological Zones so that they can take advantage of discounted, fast internet services and opportunities to network and share knowledge with experts in their fields.

Also, the government should get more banks to open forex accounts so they can get credit for big projects with partners overseas. Additionally, banks ought to provide freelancers with their own specialized savings accounts in order to help them maintain their credit and obtain auto and home financing services.

Pakistan’s independent labor force is believed to be the fourth biggest on the planet. In Pakistan, nearly 3.5 million freelancers provide a variety of services.

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