Opt for Hope with Paypak! Pakistan’s Domestic Payment Scheme Relaunch


The management of 1LINK gladly announces the redesign of PayPak, the country of Pakistan’s first domestic payment system. Due to this redesign, PayPak has a brand-new identity, giving it a contemporary appearance and feel. This new brand aims to appeal to young people and give all PayPak cardholders a sense of Pakistaniyat.

Since its 2016 introduction, PayPak has accomplished vital milestones, and it is anticipated to prepare for an unparalleled expansion to advance Pakistan’s digital payments ecosystem. With its existing base of over 10 million active cards, PayPak will soon become the card of choice for issuers, acquirers, retailers, and, most crucially, ordinary Pakistanis.

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PayPak provides cardholders with a specific rewards program that includes savings, exclusive incentives at various retail locations, and numerous insurance options. PayPak is currently working on a co-badge launch with Mastercard in early 2024 and has co-badge agreements with Union Pay International (UPI), Japan Credit Bureau (JCB), and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) to facilitate international transactions.

For their support of the PayPak Scheme, we would like to thank the State Bank of Pakistan, the 1LINK Board of Directors, 33 banks, six affiliate issuers, and six acquirers. We look forward to their ongoing assistance in making PayPak the most popular card scheme in Pakistan.

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