Introducing UOB Islamabad: Transforming Higher Education in Pakistan

Pakistan’s First HEC Approved Foreign University to Open in Sep 2023

The prestigious University of Bolton, one of the top 40 universities in the UK, has made a daring and ground-breaking effort toward revolutionizing higher education in Pakistan. The institution is pleased to announce UOB Islamabad, which was ranked as having the highest student satisfaction in the North West by The Guardian. This innovative project is poised to change the educational landscape in Pakistan by giving local students unmatched access to top-notch education of the UK caliber without having to leave their home country. Let’s examine the specifics of this historic endeavor, which is expected to reinvent the paradigm of education.

Bridging Continents: UOB Islamabad’s Inception

A Landmark Achievement

UOB Islamabad is a ground-breaking initiative that seeks to close the gap between continents, not just another foreign campus. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has granted this venture the first-ever license of its sort, making it the first international institution in the nation to receive HEC approval. This significant accomplishment enables UOB Islamabad to function independently and provide students with an authentic UK academic experience directly in their own country.

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The Promise of a Full UK Experience

The dedication to giving students the full UK student experience sits at the core of UOB Islamabad’s goal. The expansive 180 Kanal UOB Islamabad campus aims to capture the spirit of learning in the UK. Every element, from the curriculum and exams to the methods used in the classroom, displays the acclaimed University of Bolton’s dedication to quality.

Empowering Students

Opportunities Unprecedented

The unmatched flexibility of UOB Islamabad is one of its most distinctive qualities. Traditional barriers no longer apply to students. They are allowed to design their own academic path and can easily switch between the campuses in Islamabad and the UK. UOB Islamabad offers cross-border exposure, encouraging cross-cultural understanding and extending horizons, regardless of whether students decide to complete their entire term in Pakistan or set off on a journey across boundaries.


Diversity of Programs

A wide variety of cutting-edge programs are available at UOB Islamabad, including those in computing, fashion, business, and law. Top employers in Pakistan have endorsed these programs, and they have also won the backing of well-known local businesses in the relevant industries. With this endorsement, UOB Islamabad alumni are guaranteed to stand out in their professional lives and succeed in cutthroat job marketplaces while also having access to rewarding internships and placement possibilities.


The Future of Education: UOB Islamabad’s Impact

Transforming Pakistan’s Educational Landscape

The opening of UOB Islamabad is a significant development for Pakistani education. It lays the path for an unrivaled UK-standard education at home as the nation’s first Type II university. This program is an example of excellence, bringing people from different countries together and maximizing student potential. Now that Pakistani students have access to the University of Bolton’s reputation for high-quality instruction, everyone may look forward to a brighter future.

Unlocking the Future: Admissions and Contact Information

Are you prepared to open Pakistan’s doors to UK-level education? Admissions for UOB Islamabad’s September 2023 intake will shortly be open. Don’t let this fantastic chance pass you by. Sign up now to receive priority updates about space availability:

  • Website:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Numbers: 0313-7708605, 0321-8838552, 0310-2722127
  • WhatsApp: 0310-2722127, 0300-5679663
  • International WhatsApp: +971 52 894 2875
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