OpenAI CTO’s Twitter Hacked, Promoting ‘Scam’ Crypto Airdrop

After the Twitter account of Mira Murati, chief technology officer of the artificial intelligence company OpenAI, was apparently hacked to promote a “scam” cryptocurrency airdrop on June 2, users of crypto Twitter were inundated with warnings.

A tweet from Murati’s account on June 2 had all the characteristics of a phishing attempt, promising an airdrop of the fictitious ERC-20 token OPENAI, which was named after the company that developed ChatGPT.

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Murati has 126,200 supporters on Twitter and has a confirmed record on the stage. The post was up for about an hour, saw 79,600 views and 83 people retweeted it before it was taken down.

The tweet’s creator had confined who could answer the tweet, so others couldn’t without much of a stretch caution the connection was a trick.

The sophisticated website in the tweet appears to have directly copied the layout and design of a real project called ChainGPT, with a few minor modifications, most notably its prompt to connect a cryptocurrency wallet.

According to a security researcher working for the blockchain security company Beosin, the website makes use of a readily available cryptocurrency wallet draining kit that “lures visitors into signing requests.”

“When the solicitation is marked, the aggressor will move NFTs and ERC-20 tokens out of the casualty’s wallet,” Beosin’s analyst added.

Cointelegraph attempted to get a response from Murati and OpenAI regarding the manner in which the Twitter account was hacked.

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