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National Jobs Portal Jobs

The National Jobs Portal is Pakistan’s official online platform for government employment opportunities. The Pakistani government has introduced a dedicated website for job applications, allowing Pakistani citizens to apply for various government positions via

This article provides a guide on utilizing the National Jobs Portal for job searches. In 2024, candidates can register accounts for applying to federal and provincial government vacancies across Pakistan.

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Numerous job openings are currently accessible on the National Jobs Portal. Visit the portal and discover suitable positions for your career.

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National Jobs Portal Jobs

The National IT Board oversees the National Employment Portal, Pakistan’s pioneering centralized online platform for government job opportunities. The National Job Portal (NJP) is a key initiative under the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications’ “Digital Transformation of Pakistan” objective.

Serving as a unified hub, it enables job seekers, both domestically and globally, to register for positions in the public sector.

Benefits of National Jobs Portal Jobs

Following are the benefits of National Jobs Portal Jobs:

  • Diverse Job Listings: National job portals typically aggregate job listings from various employers and industries, offering job seekers different employment options.
  • Online Convenience: These portals are usually easily accessible, allowing job seekers to browse and apply for positions from their homes via computers or mobile devices.
  • Centralized Resource: National job portals function as a centralized hub where job seekers can access information about job openings, application procedures, and company profiles, streamlining the job search process.
  • Filtering and Personalization: Typically, these portals provide search filters that empower job applicants to refine their search based on criteria like location, industry, salary range, and experience level, facilitating the discovery of relevant job listings.
  • Email Alerts: Many portals offer email alert services that notify job seekers of new job postings matching their criteria, ensuring they stay informed about opportunities.
  • Resume Upload: On these portals, job seekers can often upload their resumes and create online profiles, simplifying the process for employers to locate and reach out to them.
  • Application Tracking: Certain National Jobs Portals empower job seekers to monitor their application statuses, aiding in staying organized during the application process.
  • Resources and Guidance: Many portals offer valuable materials like career advice, interview tips, and salary insights, assisting job seekers in preparing for their job search and application procedures.
  • Inclusive Accessibility: Typically, these portals ensure broad accessibility, including people with disabilities, guaranteeing equal access to the job search process.
  • Cost-Free: National Jobs Portals are often accessible to job seekers, serving as a cost-effective resource for finding employment opportunities.
  • Government Backing: These portals are frequently endorsed or supported by government agencies, enhancing their credibility and trustworthiness for job seekers.
  • Community Engagement: Some portals enable job seekers to connect with fellow professionals, participate in forums, and engage in industry-related discussions, fostering networking opportunities.
  • Privacy and Security: Reputable National job portals generally implement privacy and security measures to safeguard job seekers’ personal information and data.

Online Apply

The government has streamlined the job search process, eliminating the need for candidates to search for employment through various sources. Instead, individuals can efficiently use the National Employment Portal, where local and international applicants can register online for their preferred positions.

The submission of online applications for government roles is exclusively conducted through the national job portal within specified timeframes.

To apply for vacancies at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), you should initiate the process by establishing an account on the national employment portal, Alternatively, you can reach the national job portal by navigating to and selecting the relevant link.

Here are the steps toward laying out an NJP account: Start by enrolling your account utilizing your CNIC, name, and email address. Then, you’ll have to affirm your registration through email. A short time later, you can make your CV and profile, integrating personal subtleties, qualifications, courses, and work insight.

The National Jobs Portal is a valuable tool for job seekers, allowing them to establish an account with precise details. However, in 2024, candidates must log in and enroll for their preferred positions.

Several government entities, including the Ministry of Human Resources, Housing and Works, FBR, Single Window, the National Shipping Corporation, and the Ministry of Education, have entrusted the application process to NJP.

Punjab Job Portal

Applicants can effortlessly submit their applications with just one click. The National Job Portal allows job seekers to explore and sign up for positions across various categories. The Punjab government has also introduced a new job portal, mirroring the national employment platform. It has proven highly beneficial for job seekers, leading to numerous successful job placements.

List of National Jobs Portal Jobs

To apply for vacancies at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), you should initiate the process by establishing an account on the national employment portal, Alternatively, you can reach the national job portal by navigating to and selecting the relevant link. FBR has recently introduced new job openings for its Pakistani headquarters.

SR Description Action
1. Accountancy & Finance Explore Jobs
2. Administration & Finance Explore Jobs
3. Administration & It Explore Jobs
4. Agriculture Engineering Explore Jobs
5. Agriculture Research Explore Jobs
6. Audit Explore Jobs
7. Business Management Explore Jobs
8. Chemical Science Explore Jobs
9. Civil Engineering Explore Jobs
10. Communications & Marketing Explore Jobs
11. Cooking & Culinary Arts Explore Jobs
12. Corporate Affairs Explore Jobs
13. Education Explore Jobs
14. Electrical Engineering Explore Jobs
15. Engineering & Management Explore Jobs
16. Environmental Engineering Explore Jobs
17. Health & Medicine Explore Jobs
18. Hr/Communications/Marketing Explore Jobs
19. Human Resource Explore Jobs
20. Information Technology Explore Jobs
21. Insurance And Reinsurance Explore Jobs
22. Labour & Manpower Explore Jobs
23. Law & Justice Explore Jobs
24. Marketing Explore Jobs
25. Mechanical Engineering Explore Jobs
26. Ministerial/Office Staff Explore Jobs
27. Monitoring & Evaluation Explore Jobs
28. Nature, Forest & Wildlife Explore Jobs
29. Oil, Gas And Mining Explore Jobs
30. Planning And Development Explore Jobs
31. Power & Energy Explore Jobs
32. Procurement Explore Jobs
33. Project Management Explore Jobs
34. Quality Assurance/Quality Control Explore Jobs
35. Research & Analysis Explore Jobs


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