WhatsApp’s New Beta Feature Silences Unknown Callers

In the Android beta version of the app, WhatsApp is currently rolling out a new feature that lets users silence unknown calls.

Beta analyzers on variant or more will be qualified for the element’s rollout.

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At the point when initiated, approaching calls from telephone numbers that are not a piece of a client’s contact rundown will be quieted, keeping it from making the gadget ring or vibrate.

Be that as it may, a record of the call and telephone number will in any case be recorded in the calls tab.

To empower the element, basically, explore the settings menu and tap on “Security”, then look over right down and press the “Calls” button, after which clients will actually want to turn the component on.

Numerous WhatsApp clients have taken to Twitter to report that they have been getting dubious calls from obscure worldwide numbers on the informing application, making this component a welcome expansion.

There is currently no timetable for when the feature will be added to the live app.

To gain early access to new features, Android users who are not in the beta can sign up for it here.

WhatsApp has recently released additional beta features for Android, including the ability to report messages to group administrators and a bottom navigation bar for selected users, in addition to the capability to silence calls from unknown numbers.

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