Microsoft Launches Plasma Bot

Microsoft`s launches Plasma Bot, a one of kind screening tool meant to help recovered COVID-19 patients to donate their plasma for treatment efforts. This bot asks you a series of questions in order to determine if your a potential donor if found correct the bot will then direct you to a licensed plasma collection center in your area.

Plasma cells develop B cells, a type of white blood cell that is made in the bone marrow. Normally when bacteria or viruses enter the body, some of the b cells will be transformed into plasma cells. These cells help make antibodies to fight bacteria/viruses and to stop the infection.

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However, Abnormal Plasma cells form tumors into bones and soft tissues. These abnormal cells also make antibodies called M protein which is harmful to the body as they are not needed in the body nor help fight infection.

The increased buildup may cause thickness of Blood and can damage Kidneys.

Plasma mostly contains 90 % water, salts, and enzymes. Plasma helps carry proteins, hormones, and nutrients to different cells in the body. These include growth hormones that help develop your muscles and bones grow. They are also responsible for preventing clotting if you get cut.

Plasma helps you maintain your body`s blood pressure and blood volume. It basically becomes a recycler of sorts that removes chemical waste that might have tagged along with your cells.

Microsoft believes that COVIG-19 Plasma Alliance has a real chance to save lives at a significant scale and could lead to developing a vaccine sooner than later as predicted by their Ex-Boss Bill Gates. Bill Gates reminded folks that the epidemic might be far worse than predicted and this lockdown may go till next year.

Microsoft is currently in planning phases to expand this endeavor to Europe and Asia, but it hasn’t suggested when that might happen.

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