Microsoft Unveils AI Image Generator: Superior to DALL-E 2

Microsoft’s new AI Image Creator is available for free and does not require Edge to generate images in the same manner as the best AI image generators.

All of the leading image-generation tools are being seriously challenged by Microsoft’s newly released AI Image Creator. Made utilizing a high-level form of the DALL-E 2, the picture maker is accounted for to frequently perform shockingly better than OpenAI’s DALL-E 2.

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The Microsoft Image Creator, like all other AI image generators, takes in a text prompt from users where they can describe the image they want and then generates results based on those prompts.

Simply go to to access the image creator and sign in or register for a Microsoft account.

The image creator is much more accessible because it doesn’t require users to be on Microsoft Edge, unlike the Bing Chat feature.

The photos that are comparable to those that are generated by way of the Microsoft picture generator may now not always be surely life-like and may additionally incorporate blunders from time to time, but they are nonetheless thrilling to seem to be at.

In addition to using the feature directly, users can use it on Bing Chat, where it functions virtually identically and produces the same results.

However, one advantage of using Bing Chat is that you can send follow-up questions to the images you’ve created. For instance, if you created a picture of a zebra using Bing Chat, you can ask Bing Chat to make the zebra wear a hat as a follow-up question.

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