Life Changing Day on 6th May 2023 at Convention Centre

Have you ever experienced a life-changing day? It’s a day that you will always remember, a day that forever alters the course of your life.

Life-Changing Day:

A life-changing day will be a day that will have a significant impact on your life. It will be a day that will alter the trajectory of your life in a significant way. It will be positive and will be transformative. A life-changing day will be something that you will always remember, a turning point in your life.

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This day is the result of seven weeks of training that was named as Life changing training. This training was hosted by Hisham Sarwar. It was held at Hazza Institute of Technology, Islamabad. It was physical as well as online training. 250 physical and approximately 1000 online students get premium knowledge from different well-known industry trainers.


5 courses were included in this training. These courses were the following:

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Freelancing
  3. Blogging
  4. SEO
  5. E-commerce

Agenda of this event:

The day will start with anticipation and excitement, as you know that something significant is about to happen. The event itself will be the focal point of the day, and you will likely spend most of your time participating in or experiencing it.

During the event, you will learn a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI), freelancing, and, many more things. Different giveaways are waiting for you. As the event progresses, you may begin to feel a sense of transformation or change taking place within you.

After the event, you will have time to reflect on what has happened and how it has affected you. You may feel a sense of clarity or direction that you did not have before, or you may be grappling with new challenges or uncertainties.

In the days and weeks following the event, you may find yourself making significant changes in your life as a result of what you have experienced.


6th May 2023


8:00 am-6:00 pm


Jinnah Convention Center Islamabad.

How to Register:

Here is the link to the registration form through which you can register yourself.

Significance of Life-Changing Day:

A life-changing day will be significant because it will have the power to shape who You are and who you will become. It will challenge you, force you to grow, and can lead to positive changes in your life. It can also be difficult, and the changes it brings can be painful. But even in difficult times, this day will help you to develop resilience and coping skills.

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