Japan to Expand Workers’ Accident Compensation for Freelancers

Japan to Expand Workers' Accident Compensation for Freelancers

The labor ministry of Japan is taking decisive action to expand the scope of workers’ accident compensation insurance for freelance workers across all industries. The ministry’s subcommittee on labor policy convened a meeting on Monday to discuss this important agenda.

The primary objective of this measure, which is expected to be implemented by the autumn of next year, is to create a secure working environment for freelancers amidst the evolving landscape of diverse work arrangements.

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Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance: A Safety Net for Employees

Workers’ accident compensation insurance is a nationwide program that extends benefits to corporate employees in the event of accidents during work or daily commutes. It is funded through insurance premiums paid by employers.

Under the current system, small business operators and freelancers in specific industries are eligible to enroll in the program by paying premiums. However, the labor ministry recognizes the need to revamp this system and make it inclusive for all freelancers who undertake outsourced work for corporations.

The Expanding Scope of Freelancers Covered by Workers’ Accident Compensation Insurance

A recent government survey revealed that there are approximately 4.62 million freelancers in Japan, with an estimated 2.73 million working on commissioned projects for corporations. To accommodate these numbers, the existing special system within the workers’ accident compensation insurance program has been extended incrementally by sector.

For instance, in 2021, animation production workers, bicycle delivery workers, and information technology freelancers were included in the coverage. In the previous year, dental technicians were also added to the program. These expansions reflect the government’s dedication to meeting the changing needs of the freelance workforce.

New Legislation and the Ministry’s Response

In April of this year, Japan enacted a new law aimed at ensuring fair business transactions between freelancers and corporations. As part of a supplementary resolution attached to this law, there was a proposal to expand the special system within the workers’ accident compensation insurance program to cover all freelancers commissioned to work for companies.

Consequently, the labor ministry has been diligently considering how best to respond to this important resolution.


The labor ministry’s proactive approach to extending workers’ accident compensation insurance coverage for freelancers showcases their commitment to fostering a secure and supportive working environment. By expanding the special system to encompass all freelancers who undertake outsourced work, the ministry aims to provide freelancers with the necessary safeguards and peace of mind.

This important initiative aligns with Japan’s growing freelance workforce and serves as a testament to the government’s dedication to adapting to evolving work dynamics.

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