Instagram Live to be moved to IGTV

Instagram live launched in 2016 has been very popular for some time. Mainly because of its video having an expiry date of 24 hours. In recent changes, Instagram is officially allowing everyone or anyone to watch and comment on Live videos and now in their beta stage of forcing Live videos to be published towards their IGTV platform However Comments and Emojis will not carry forward to IGTV.

Live videos were and still are one of the key features of Instagram popularity however it lacks the option to save this. By implementing this button that will allow Instagram Live Videos to be saved is a viable option but defeats the purpose. Instagram is hoping that in the long run, IGTV can become a youtube competitor. That is only possible if Instagram Populates its IGT with more content and administers some form of analytics like Google.

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Facebook’s primary focus is IGTV as it has currently updated the app to help create better content ..This move suggests that Facebook Instagram`s parent company is taking it time to readjust its priorities since the whole world is in lockdown mode.

Facebook has even allowed Desktop users to use the Direct Message feature directly instead of using the app. This is done as more and more users are isolated. This is a good gesture on the Facebook part. As explained ina previously discussed article the desktop version of Instagram has a slew of issues that needs to be fixed for streamline experience.

The only drawback I see is privacy. As the company allows un-interrupted access privacy of one`s life come to in question and knowing Facebook who even bought a spy software from a Middle East-based company to spy on its users spells anarchy as its finest.

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