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Have you found your job from home boring? Well, stop worrying now. You may find what you need in a coworking space. Innovista is here to assist you. It gives you the chance to explore new environments and advance your career. Its open environment promotes communication and brainstorming, making it a vibrant substitute for traditional office settings.

What is InnoVista


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To freelancers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and new startups, Innovista is similar to an IT park. It is a co-working place intended to offer a creative and cooperative setting. Individuals can exchange resources, discuss ideas, and gain knowledge from one another. Innovista aims to empower Pakistan to compete in the world’s IT space.

InnoVista’s Objective

Innovista’s objective is to offer a range of administrative services that optimize efficiency, enhance user experience, and foster a thriving community within the co-working space.

Services offered at InnoVista

  • Training program: Training program through the online learning portal.
  •  Mentorship: Mentorship of Mr. Hisham. Weekly sessions of Mr. Hisham Hisham.
  •  Flexible Workspaces: Open desks, dedicated desks, and private offices tailored to individual or team needs.
  • High-speed Internet: Reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to support productivity.
  • Meeting Rooms: Well-equipped meeting rooms with audiovisual facilities for presentations and collaborative discussions.
  • Event Spaces: Versatile event spaces are suitable for workshops, seminars, networking events, and other gatherings.
  • Lounge Areas: Comfortable lounge areas for informal meetings, relaxation, and networking.
  • Kitchen and Refreshment Facilities: Access to kitchen facilities, coffee machines, and refreshments for occupants’ convenience.
  • Printing and Scanning Services: Printing, scanning, and photocopying facilities to support administrative tasks.
  • Mail a: Mail handling services, including package reception and distribution.
  • Lockers and Storage Options: Secure lockers and storage options for personal belongings and equipment.
  • 24/7 Access: Flexible access to the co-working space, allowing occupants to work according to their schedule.


  • Telephone Booths: Soundproof telephone booths for private calls and video conferences.
  • Networking Opportunities: Organized networking events, workshops, and seminars to facilitate collaboration and community building.
  • On-site Support Staff: Front desk staff, administrative assistants, and technical support personnel to assist occupants as needed.
  • Cleaning Services: Regular cleaning and maintenance of common areas and workspaces to maintain hygiene and cleanliness standards.
  • Security Measures: Security personnel, CCTV surveillance, and access control systems to ensure the safety and security of occupants and assets.
  • Additional Amenities: Additional amenities such as fitness facilities, relaxation zones, and game rooms to promote well-being and work-life balance.
  • Community Events and Workshops: Regularly scheduled events, workshops, and skill-building sessions to encourage learning and collaboration within the community.
  • Online Community Platform: An online platform for community members to connect, share resources, and collaborate virtually.

Free Online Courses Innovista is offering 


Innovista offers every type of course you want to learn. All these courses are free. InnoVista free courses will be available on LMS (Learning Management System). You can watch all these courses at any time at your own pace. Here is a list of courses Innovista is offering:

  1. Freelancing (Mandatory)
  2. Digital/Social Media Marketing
  3. DevOps
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Artificial Intelligence
  6. Block Chain
  7. Cybersecurity
  8. Website Development 
  9. Software Development 
  10. Mobile App Development
  11. Game Development 
  12. Content Creation/ Vlogging
  13. UI/UX & Graphic Designing
  14. Content Writing/ Copywriting
  15. Video Editing/ Animation
  16. Quick Books
  17. CAD/CAM Engineering
  18. Virtual Assistant 

Prices for Seats

For Freelancers:  The co-working space is free for the initial two months; however, from that point onward, freelancers should show some amount they earned during those two months. Then, they can avail themselves of the space for the next two months. This process repeats for the next two months. However, if a freelancer wants to reserve a seat after six months, they will need to pay 20,000 rupees.

Businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs have to come to Innovista for details of prices.

Shifts Timing

  • The morning shift is from 9 to 4
  • The evening shift is from 5 to 11
  • The night shift is from 12 to 7

As promised, Hisham Sarwar will appear with participants for a good time in all three shifts all week.


InnoVista for Businesses

The Innovista coworking space offers various benefits to organizations searching for an innovative and helpful setting. Most importantly, it establishes an energetic and steady innovation environment by empowering the exchange of thoughts and creativity. Innovista’s open floor plan and common areas foster networking and teamwork among its broad professional population, which may result in beneficial alliances and commercial prospects.


Furthermore, companies can cut expenses by using the shared amenities and resources available, like cutting-edge technology, conference rooms, and event spaces. Members of the Innovista ecosystem can also access a network of mentors, investors, and industry experts, offering crucial assistance and direction for business expansion and development.

Businesses can book their own separate Meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc. The price per seat will be 20,000.

Innovista for Startups

Startups are the foundation of development, and Innovista is focused on constantly supporting them. The space offers a scope of projects and services planned explicitly for startups, including mentorship, organizing open doors, and admittance to funding and resources. This assists business people with transforming their thoughts into effective endeavors, creating jobs, and contributing to the country’s monetary development.


  • Inno-Skills: LMS
  • Inno-Labs: R&D
  • Inno-Dive: Startup ideas
  • Inno-Week: Activities of Week
  • Inno-Soft: Software house
  • Inno-Way: University Drive
  • Inno-Mag: Magazine
  • Inno-World: Community Building

InnoVista Centers

Other cities are feeling left out, worried they’re missing the fun. Don’t worry. Innovista is offering its services in other cities, too. The cities where InnoVista centers will be available are the following:

  • Chagi Quetta
  • Gilgit Baltistan
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Islamabad
  • Peshawar
  • Gujranwala
  • Bahawalpur
  • Multan
  • Kashmir

Daily Sessions from industry leaders

Industry leaders host daily sessions to share their expertise and insights, providing valuable knowledge and guidance to participants. They tell people how to earn money from freelancing and different skills. Recently, an Experienced and Expert Content writer, Irum Ghafoor, came to InnoVista and shared all her experiences with content writing.


Another industry leader, Baber Zahoor, came to InnoVista and shared his experience and expertise related to DeVops.His expertise added depth to the daily sessions, enriching the learning experience for all attendees.


InnoVista Events

InnoVista events are dynamic social affairs intended to inspire and associate experts across different businesses. These events offer a platform for sharing cutting-edge ideas, cultivating cooperation, and investigating imaginative answers to common challenges. With a different setup of speakers and intelligent sessions, InnoVista Events gives participants a unique opportunity to grow their organizations and remain ahead in their fields.


Innovista Rawal Location

DHA Phase 1, Sector A, Defence Avenue Mall.

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