If you want to stay happily married, don’t earn too much

Have you ever found yourself arguing about money with your spouse? If you have yes in mind then be sure that you are not alone. It is because when you put together relationship and money, you are bound to get a few spats. According to research by the Federal Reserve Board, money is the most common issue most couples fight about and researches have revealed that it is a common reason for divorce.

Money is the leading cause of stress in a relationship, The likelihood of divorce is based on your relationship with money. It is the leading cause of stress in a relationship and as there is a more difference between a couple’s credit scores, there are more chances for them to separate within the first five years of their marriage.

On the other hand, couples with the highest credit scores are more likely to form long-lasting relationships and stay committed. When a relationship begins, the better financial situation and higher credit score made it less likely to get separated after the first few years.

But it does not mean that just the wealthy couples are in a better position to stay committed. It is because science has proved that couples with a lot of money but high monthly expenses can get separated.

According to Kelly Frawley, the expert in the matrimonial and family law department at Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, it is really surprising that how couples earn over $1 million and they still have nothing at all.

“We have couples with a lot of money but high monthly expenses, and they’re strapped,” said Kelly Frawley, a partner in the matrimonial and family law department at Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP.

Such people open themselves up for greater discrepancies over financial matters along with living an expensive lifestyle. When you have a very high-income earner and the other spouse is not working, then it becomes an issue as well.

The article originally appeared on CNBC

Written by Hisham Sarwar


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