How to become a resilient person?

Being resilient is a skill. Learn how not to fall apart.

We always wonder why some people bounce back from adversity and misfortune whereas others fall apart. It seems that they possess some secret character strength that makes all the difference. It makes resilient people see things from another person’s point of view. Researchers have proved that as we empathize with others, we feel less alone and less entrenched in our own pain. This is the ability that makes resilient people recover faster as compared to others. But according to psychologists, it is true that some people are born with more resilience than others but it is also possible to cultivate more of it by adjusting their thinking patterns.

Some people might consider taking classes on building resilience offered at various places. But resilience is a skill that can be learned and improved on a daily basis. Following are the ideas that can bolster our own inherited resilience.

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Take care of yourself:

A regular routine of healthy habits helps to build both mental and emotional resilience. Practicing the meditation technique can help a lot in improving this routine by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen consumption, stress hormones, and breathing rate.

Create a strong social network:

The most important part that helps in building resilience is having a strong support social network. This network includes friends and family that are stress buffers and help us to cope better with external factors.

Forcing ourselves to laugh:

We may not give it much importance but laugh can help decrease the stress hormones. Even forced laughing can boost our immune system. Laughing on our own is not as tough as we think. Watching a funny movie or reading a funny book can be fun ways to force ourselves to laugh.

Positive thinking:

When we are stressed, it is very easy to get caught up in the vicious cycle of negative thoughts. It makes us depressed even with the events that are going on around us. But if we replace negative thoughts with positive feelings, it can help us to live happy life. Positive thinking can make even a single cup of coffee at home enjoyable for us.


In order to build resilience, it is very important to stay motivated. There is nothing more important than being hopeful for keeping ourselves happy. It requires us to think of the positive outcomes of any of the upcoming situations and visualize the positive qualities we want to have in them.

Stress no doubt brings an emotional and physical toll on our bodies and lowers our overall health. But in order to have the strength to take on stressful situations when they come along, we need to regularly exercise, eat right, and get enough sleep. Building resilience requires us to work on these skills every day as the more we practice, the better we will become at dealing with stress.

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