5 ‘Best’ Tips for Acquiring New Customers Using Facebook

There are around 8 million businesses on Facebook. According to a report by Statistica, they are tagged as “Active advertisers”. It means, they give their money to Facebook to advertise their product and service.

Amid COVID-19 the potential of social media marketing has increased and despite a few major companies pulling off their advertising money from Facebook including Disney, the business is still flourishing at a high scale.

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Facebook is a powerful tool for reaching out to hundreds of thousands of people and acquiring new leads and potential customers. Advertising on Facebook is very effective. The following strategies could help you a long way in maximizing the ROI of your ads.

Facebook Pixel:

The most powerful way of getting in touch with people who might well be inclined to make a decision is as they see your ad on Facebook. Pixel is a small code that is placed on your website. When a visitor lands on your website, it records their information such as their FB account name. Next time, when you advertise on Facebook, you can select pixel as a “target audience”. This will let you show your new ad to everybody who has visited your website in the past. A returned customer has a better chance of making a decision than a new visitor.

Almost all big companies use Facebook pixel. If you have ever seen an ad on Facebook from BeingGuru, it is a courtesy of Facebook pixel.

Copywriting Sells:

If your ad has pressed the right pulse, you are game. Copywriting plays a huge role to grab customers’ attention and convince them to make an instant decision.

It needs to grab their attention. After grabbing attention, you need to create interest and if you have successfully done it, you need to come up with correct copywriting to orchestrate a way for decision-making, and finally, it is all about action.

This action-packed copywriting funnel is called “AIDA”

  • A= Attention
  • I = Interest
  • D= Decision-making process
  • A= Action

Video Grabs Attention:

When you are advertising on Facebook, the best mode for spending your time is a video advertisement. Create a short video, and make sure “AIDA” is inculcated in your message with a nice voice over and this could help you maximize ROI.

Free Giveaways:

Want to convert visitors into long-term loyal customers? Try giving something for FREE. It does not matter what product or service you are selling. If you involve your audience and give them something for “Free”. It could potentially convert them from a prospect to a loyal customer. Perhaps, one good way is to announce the free offer at the very beginning of your video to keep customers engaged all the way until the end of the video.

Call to action:

You can create a brilliant video, and spend thousands of dollars on a Facebook ad but if there is no clear call to action, you are going to burn your hard-earned money. Always state the call to action clearly in your ad. Either take them to your website and with pixel installed, you can present your ad to them every time you advertise on Facebook.

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