How To Delete Your Data From Facebook Including pictures, videos and text?

Facebook has agreed to pay $5 billion fine for losing its user data but the truth is, the Cambridge data leak has jolted the company to the roots. This was the biggest setback ever since the company was founded. The imposed fine is by far the heaviest number imposed on any tech firm in the history.

The most important question to ask here, where does Facebook go from here?.

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Do they pull in the hard strings, ensure no fake news ever spreads on their platform and start deleting tons of thousands of fake facebook accounts or perhaps, take an extreme step to ensure its user’s privacy by making unpopular decisions?

Mark Zuckerberg posted two different posts in the span for 72 hours, convincing the world how serious Facebook is about its future and securing user data.

The company will create an “independent privacy committee” to ensure “greater accountability at the board of directors level,”

After all these recent episodes since last year, according to the Pew Research Center, 74% of adult Facebook users have changed their privacy settings or have taken a break from the site. Some users have also deleted the Facebook app from their phones and do not use it any more on the computer as well.

If you want to permanently delete your Facebook account, your sensitive data will not be available anywhere on the internet after the 30 day period.

Facebook gives 30 days grace period to the users who decide to delete their account to change their mind. Within 30 days they can still choose to come back to the platform before permanently bidding farewell to the world’s largest social media website.

Here is how you can permanently delete your Facebook account.

Go to the Setting page. Click on your Facebook information just below security and login and click on Deactivation and Deletion. There you will see the tab ‘Deactivate Account’.

When you click on deactivate your account, there are certain options but if you choose permanently delete your account, that’s it – you are gone from the face of the facebook.

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