5 Ways Solopreneurs Grow Their Business Through Collaboration

5 Ways Solopreneurs Grow Their Business Through Collaboration

Lots of successful solopreneurs work by themselves to build really cool businesses. People think they’re amazing because they do things their own way and treat building a business like a big adventure.

But sometimes, we make it seem like working alone is the only way to do it. This can cause new entrepreneurs to feel like they’re completely all alone. Solopreneurs make all the decisions for their businesses but don’t have to do everything alone. Actually, trying to do it all alone can be bad.

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Many successful entrepreneurs get help and work together with others. I’ve seen this with creators, especially those who work alone. For example, our company organizes events where women of color in the creator world share their stories. These events have gotten really popular because they bring people together. Solopreneurs are teaming up online and in person to support each other, part of a growing trend.

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As a solopreneur, you are a member of something bigger

Our economy has essentially transformed due to the rise of solopreneurs. Over 80% of small business owners in America do not have any employees as of right now. This works wonderfully for some people.

However, I’ve found that a lot of creators, for instance, embark on their journey with the false notion that they aren’t suited for entrepreneurship if they can’t figure it out on their own. The truth is that loneliness, exhaustion, and even depression can result from stoically refusing assistance or from not looking for community or support.

Collaborating with others yields significant benefits, and numerous firms are capitalizing on this trend by assembling their communities around e-commerce, crowdfunding, fitness, or other facets of life and business to foster inspiration and camaraderie. It’s true what they say: even though we can move faster alone, we can often move farther together. Adopting a community-based strategy can have observable advantages.

The ability to find your people and places

However, expanding your notion of solopreneurship goes beyond simply finding companions. It could also be about finding answers you never knew existed, obtaining advice or knowledge from others who have been there before, or simply having somewhere to go when you need to take a break from your home office. Here are some examples of how I’ve witnessed people approach solopreneurship collaboratively and profit from it:

Selecting tech platforms that provide community

We’ve all seen the growth of both private and public online communities, but let’s not forget about the unifying power of technological tools that assist individuals in accomplishing particular objectives. People are gathered around platforms that provide tangible solutions, whether it’s starting a course or putting in place a payment mechanism. If you select your platforms carefully, you may discover new partners, coworkers, and a plethora of common knowledge in addition to tools.

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Working from a co-working space

Anyone who has ever started a business from their basement or worked from home knows how important a quality coworking space is. They provide rich meeting venues for solopreneurs who wish to network, learn, and make use of other people’s creative energy in addition to placing you among peers. Studies have indicated that individuals flourish in coworking spaces due to the shared increase in productivity and creativity; also, they might serve as an effective remedy for burnout.

Attending in-person conferences and events

Many of us have found it difficult to get back into the spirit of things since Covid suspended live events. However, there are advantages to being surrounded by strangers, namely the chance to build stronger relationships. In-person interactions can foster the kinds of relationships that are impossible to establish over Zoom, and investing in person can also lead to other opportunities to increase your profits.

Teaming up with a partner

Although collaborations are still popular, they might serve as a more useful strategy than just attracting new followers. I’ve witnessed firsthand how successful partnerships can close business gaps, so I get really pleased when I see solopreneurs I follow team up. Furthermore, successful collaborations can spur innovation, increase income, and reveal new prospects. Collaborations can have dangers, of course, but you can still gain from them if you stay loyal to your objectives and brand.

Finding a mentor

Mentors provide business counsel based on their real-world experience, just like peers do, but they also contribute to the experience of seniority. You can certainly start more casually; nevertheless, approaching a mentor is making you feel intimidated. Through courses or live events, many solopreneurs share their knowledge and expertise with the community. Begin by emulating someone you respect and see the results.

Regardless of how you define solopreneurship, remember that including others in your journey does not take away from your success since, in the end, you are still ultimately responsible for your actions. We can begin to normalize the idea that creators and entrepreneurs don’t have to travel this path alone by assembling a new narrative about the realities of solopreneurship. Furthermore, sometimes the will to persevere and perseverance can be greatly increased simply by knowing that support and a shoulder to cry on are there.

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