How smart people damage themselves with their own mistakes

Sometimes even the most incredible minds get stuck in thought loops and habit patterns that lead them to self-sabotage. It has been seen that people who struggle more than the rest, are the people who are the smartest. It is because intelligence without intuition sets them up for troubles. Everybody wants to have smart people working for them in their organization. The world’s top leaders have often talked about the importance of hiring smart people, it is one of the reason why Jack Ma hires people who are smarter than him.

There are certain times when smart people sabotage their own success especially when they are working for something they don’t like. Following are the ways smart people sabotage themselves with their own mistakes:

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You can’t stop saying that you hate the job:

It is no doubt hard to feel passionate about a job that you don’t like but even then you cannot express your feelings in a way that is most disrespectful for everyone. It is because when you keep saying that you don’t like your job, it affects your own reputation. This is a huge mistake. It brings a negative feeling about the work you are still doing and makes it hard for other people to trust you with it.

You keep searching for a new job:

It is true that when you do a job you don’t like, you feel exhausted. It makes you search for a new job all the time. But the problem is that no matter how much you hate the job, no one else is going to do that for you. If you constantly avoid doing your work, you will get stuck in it for a longer period of time. Following are the types of smart people who get stuck in awful jobs.

Therefore, keep a specific time for searching for a new job and pay attention to the work you are actually assigned.

You can’t keep it to yourself:

While working at something you hate, you do try to meet the challenges. But there comes a point when your frustration levels get out of your reach and you take it on other people in an incredibly unproductive manner. So, it is better to share your feelings with someone you trust such as your friends or family. Tell them what you are thinking about and listen to them when they offer you suggestions.

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