How AI is Changing the Freelance Industry?

AI freelance industry

In the past few years, the job market has proven itself to be a haven for freelancers. India alone currently has more than 15 million freelancers to date, and even in the US, it is predicted that half of the workforce will be able to earn through freelancing by 2024.

The freelance market isn’t just growing at a rapid pace—it’s changing too, thanks to new technologies making every professional’s work a little bit easier. Alongside advancements like automation and cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence (AI) is another tool that’s making its mark on the freelance industry. Below, we are going to outline the many ways how.

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Fraud prevention

We often hear about AI disrupting the finance sector. In fact, Coin Telegraph notes how algorithms are commonly used to detect fraudulent transactions and reduce false declines. But with freelancers operating digitally, they can also benefit from the added layer of security. After all, non-paying and bogus clients are a huge problem in the industry, which AI can now help solve.

Content ideation

Nowadays, there’s so much content online that it’s hard to come up with anything completely original. This is a common struggle for freelance writers, designers, marketers, and content creators alike. Thankfully, there are AI-powered solutions like Frase. This topic analysis tool can sift through thousands of existing content and point out content gaps. On top of this, it also provides topic recommendations with considerations for SEO relevance. Of course, freelancers can still choose which topics to pick, but AI makes it more time-efficient.

Better project management

It’s not uncommon to see freelancers juggling multiple projects at once just to beat deadlines, so being organized is crucial. Now, AI-powered platforms like Futurenda, divide tasks into sessions and puts them into an “agenda.” Special Counsel’s eDiscovery section highlights how AI is already being used similarly in other dynamic fields like law, through content clustering. By organizing tasks into groups, professionals can identify key areas to prioritize, thus saving time and resources. With everything done automatically, software like Futurenda can also help freelancers focus on the more important deliverables.

Accurate job matches

For freelancers, finding clients can be hard enough—but finding good clients is an even bigger challenge. To assist in the matchmaking process, many Tara AI—a tool that connects IT projects with freelancers who have the exact skills required. It works by analyzing codes, and then automatically contacts the developers of those who closely match what the company needs. No more worrying about inadequate job descriptions.

Freelancing has drastically changed how companies operate, as well as how people go about their careers. AI is just one welcomed development to support these rapid advancements.

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