Here is how you can think and act confident even if you are not raised by confident parents

Confident parents generally raise confident children without knowing anything about the correct parenting methods. However, on the other hand, people with insecurities unknowingly pass the insecurities to their children. Children with low confidence repeat the cycle if not realize the importance of being confident in their life. With just a change in the way of their thinking, they can raise a confident generation ahead.

This indicates that confidence has nothing to do with genes, it is just a matter of belief that a person carries. People, who are not raised by confident parents, can still learn how to think like a confident person and become a confident person. Following are the ways that you can

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Write down your strengths:

God created all humans and blessed them with unique abilities. So, you have abilities that other people usually lack. Make a list of the strengths that you have and read over it. These are the skills that you have been gifted with so never take them for granted. Take pride in whatever you do well and don’t shy in sharing it with others.

Be okay with compliments:

Learn to say thank you whenever you receive a compliment. When you are praised, no matter how small, do not brush it off. Accept the compliments that you receive and own them. Realize that you are worthy of it and people admire you for it.

Gain more knowledge:

Nothing makes you more confident then acquiring more knowledge. Read as much as you can. But do not just read; apply it in your personal and professional life. It will give you a wide base of awareness of the world around you and it will boost your self-worth.

Experiment more:

Experimenting makes you wiser and you become aware of your weakness and strengths. When you know your strengths you become more confident and work upon the things that you are not very good at.

Keep a support system:

When you are down, you need someone who can support you and help you build faith in your abilities. Find the people who make you feel good about yourself. Stay connected to them and their help will keep you confident for your future life.

Update your wardrobe:

You may have been wearing the same kind of clothes from a couple of years. But when you wear something new, you feel something actually changed. Buy new kinds of clothes that have a style in them. Simple changes in your clothes will not only help you appear better but will also make you feel good about yourself.

Ask for extra work:

For building courage, ask your supervisors to give you extra work. Take it as a challenge and complete it. It will give you greater confidence in your abilities and will expose you among people as someone who has unique abilities.

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