Grammarly now offers a tone detector to advice you about your content tone

Grammarly has extended its services beyond grammar and spellchecking. It now offers features like tone detector.

The feature was announced on the Grammarly blog today. The new tool ensures that your email,  documents sounds exactly the way you want them to. When you draft an email, the widget suggests the tone of your content. It encourages you to take a look at the write-up again and change it to make it reflect exactly how you want to sound.

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The tone detector is a combination of some set rules and a machine learning algorithm that reflects the tone in the content.

It is definitely a very impressive tool, especially if you always struggle to get the tone right for your emails. Take a look at the example below.

The new feature can detect up to 40 different tones. It covers a good range of emotions such as  “appreciative” to “confident,” “formal,” “informal,” “thoughtful,” “loving” and “sad.”…

You can only use the feature once you write more than 120 characters. The widget currently works for major email clients and Chrome browser but will roll-out to all type of content and other browsers soon.

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Written by Tauseef Sarwar

Digital Marketer with 15 Years of experience in Management & Marketing. SEO Consultant, specialising in Social Media Marketing & Branding. Adobe and Google Certified Professional.