5 Best Google Ads Alternatives To Diversify & Growth

Google ads alternatives

The Google Ads platform has long held a dominant position in Internet advertising marketing, which is no secret.

One of the best venues for marketers to put their goods in front of consumers is the Google network, and the variety of ad options makes it even more appealing.

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However, Google Ads are only one of the ways to attract new clients and keep hold of old ones.

You have options if the effectiveness of your campaign is declining or if you want to diversify and reach new consumers.

Why You Should Look Beyond Google Ads

You should diversify your ad platform strategy rather than depending on just one for various reasons. The following three leading causes for expansion:

  • Escalating CPCs and fierce competition on Google Ads.
  • Efficiency losses when impression share increases.
  • Untapped user groups and audiences.

Addressing Competition and Rising CPCs

Remember when branded keywords had CPCs much below $1, and Google Shopping listings were free? Then, life was much simpler and less expensive.

Today, it’s not unusual to see reports of CPCs in some businesses that are far above $50 per click.

Less website traffic for brands results from shrinking marketing costs and increasing CPCs. This presents a strong case for venturing outside of Google Ads.

High Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) Does Not Always Result from High Impression Share

Have the results of your Google Ads efforts stagnated?

Check your Search impression and share data carefully. You’re tapping out your present market if your brand regularly appears nearly 100% of the time.

Because the same people are seeing your ads repeatedly, campaigns are underperforming, and your target market is already saturated.

Most likely, these users have:

  • I’ve already bought your good or service.
  • Looking for or shopping phase.
  • Determined that your product could be a better fit.
  • Increasing impression share is expected to result in poorer cost-effectiveness indicators, such as a lower return on ad spend (ROAS) or conversion rate.

Untapped User Segments & Audiences

Despite its widespread use, only some people use Google as their primary search engine.

Microsoft is a force to be reckoned with after introducing AI-powered Bing earlier this year.

Numerous platforms allow you to reach potential clients before they even begin their search!

Following are the top five preferred Google Ads platform alternatives.

1: Microsoft Ads

Microsoft Ads are fantastic for a variety of reasons. Microsoft keeps expanding its connections with businesses like Netflix and Roku, which helps it gain market share.

In actuality, 13.2 billion searches are handled by Microsoft Bing each month.

Google Ads Alternatives

The use of Microsoft Ads is famous for several reasons, including:

  • Lower CPCs and competition than in the past.
  • Google Ads import is simple.
  • Skills to target audiences uniquely.

It makes sense to test out Microsoft Search Ads if your brand is in a highly competitive sector with high CPCs. More traffic will be generated for your brand at an adequate spending level with lower CPCs.

Microsoft Ads includes many of the same capabilities as Google Ads, so keep that in mind if you need help managing two platforms instead of one. It also developed a simple import feature.

This lets you decide which search campaigns you want to copy and transfer to the platform. With this capability, you may reuse your best-performing campaigns instead of starting from zero.

Last, let’s recognize a recent partnership between Microsoft and Roku that gives it a new function that Google needs to include. The groundbreaking collaboration delivers distinct cross-channel data insights, greater targeting possibilities for advertising, and a fresh method of reaching potential clients.

2: LinkedIn Ads

For testing, especially for B2B businesses, this platform is essential.

Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn Ads have become more popular over time, increasing competition. Expect more excellent CPC if you’re trying to test the platform.

To make sure you can gauge the whole impact and potential, you’ll need a sizable testing budget (at least $3,000/month).

Do not be deterred by potentially high CPCs. On LinkedIn, many B2B businesses discover better-qualified people.

Google Ads Alternatives

In what ways does this affect business?

  • Greater relevance.
  • Added closed deals.

Due to the platform’s success and the highly targeted possibilities, many businesses are willing to spend extra for that first engagement. Among the sought-after targeting possibilities are (but are not limited to):

  • The most expensive job titles.
  • Company Sector.
  • Job Purpose.
  • Member Skills.
  • Interests/Groups of Members.
  • Business Size.

LinkedIn also keeps introducing new ad styles to promote unique and engaging content. Among the most popular formats are:

Ads on Sponsored Newsfeeds

  • One picture.
  • Carousel.
  • Video.
  • Event.
  • Document.

Ads for Sponsored Messaging

  • Messaging Ads.
  • Conversational ads.
  • Prospecting Forms

3: Apple Search Ads

For app developers, this platform for advertising is crucial.

Apple has doubled its app store inventory and ad placement options over the past 12 months.

Apple has an advantage with its platform due to Apple’s launch of App Tracking Transparency` in 2021, which will make it harder to attribute advertising efforts to rival platforms.

 Best Google Ads Alternatives

For app advertisers, the following targeting options are available:

  • Device class.
  • Location.
  • Keyword.
  • Customer profile.
  • Demographics.

The following ad formats are now available through Apple Search Ads, covering users from top to bottom of the funnel:

Tab ads today: This advertisement uses the unique product page you design in App Store Connect. If you’re trying to reach users just starting, use this format.

Search Tab Ads: When a user searches for apps, this ad format is displayed at the top of the search tab. It appears in front of any organic listing.

Ads in search results: When a user searches, this ad format enables keyword bidding to appear on the Search Tab. It uses the built custom product page or the app store listing.

Ads on product pages: This type of advertisement displays user activity on a product page for a specific app. It is said at the base of the product page.

Apple offers A Basic platform for new advertisers and an Advanced platform for more seasoned ones.

The absence of a spending or investment minimum is another advantage. Cost-per-tap (CPT) pricing for Apple Ads is similar to Google’s cost-per-click (CPC) pricing.

4: The Trade Desk Platform

Both the publisher-side and demand-side platforms are present on this platform. We are concentrating on the demand-side platform (DSP) for advertising.

The Trade Desk (TDD) programmatic platform is worth exploring if you’re seeking a more regulated experience for Display or Video advertisements than Google advertisements.

The DSP enables better, more interconnected experiences across various devices with performance monitoring.

Advertisers have access to an almost limitless number of audience groups for targeting, which may include first- and third-party data.

Google Ads Alternatives

Additionally, advertisers can use contextual and buyer cues to develop audiences, such as:

  • Purchasing at stores.
  • Online activities.
  • Data on behavior.
  • Internal data.
  • Data on the connected TV.

On The Trade Desk, advertisers have access to more than 150 publishers.

The programmatic platform enables marketers to access premium and exclusive inventory in the following categories:

  • Connected TV
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Digital out-of-home.
  • Native.
  • Mobile.
  • Display.

TDD unveiled significant platform updates, including Kokai, a new AI platform.

Thus, even though TDD lacks a Search component, programmatic is essential to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

5: Quora Ads

With Quora Ads, you can capture user search intent thanks to their innovative question-and-answer content platform. Usually, B2B firms have done well on this platform, but more B2C brands are succeeding lately.

Over 300 million people use Quora each month, and there are over 300,000 original topics.

Quora not only has the potential to drive targeted visitors to your website, but it may also boost your brand’s authority.

 Best Google Ads Alternatives

Showing up as a trustworthy brand can boost long-term support for your brand because customers are searching for reliable solutions and community support.

Since introducing Quora Ads, the platform has increased the variety of ad formats and targeting choices.

This platform offers similar targeting options to those found in YouTube Ads and the Google Display Network, including:

  • Targeting based on context (questions, themes, or keywords).
  • Audience targeting(Website traffic, customer match, lookalike).
  • Behavioral targeting(Interest, term, or query history).
  • Extensive targeting, including automated targeting.

The variety of ad formats available on Quora has increased recently as well. On the platform right now:

  • Text ads.
  • Image ads.
  • Promoted Responses.
  • Lead generation forms.
  • Ads in the video.


An effective digital marketing plan must reach the appropriate user with the correct message at the right time.

Now is the moment to look into Google Ads Alternatives because of how crucial context, timing, and device are. Each platform on this list has special features to support you in achieving your objectives.

Diversifying your digital marketing portfolio across various platforms will enable you to develop the comprehensive marketing strategy you need to succeed, from top-of-funnel traffic and brand awareness to purchases and lead generation.

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