Gmail Will Now Translate Your Emails on Phones

gmail translation feature

Users will now be able to translate emails natively thanks to a new feature that Google has added to the Gmail application. The capability, which was recently confined to the online, is currently being made accessible on Android and iOS cell phones.

According to a blog post by Google, “Our users have conveniently translated emails in Gmail on the web to over 100 languages for years.” We’re satisfied to announce that the Gmail mobile application currently incorporates a native translation feature, permitting you to communicate in various languages effortlessly.

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A standard proposing to make a translation of the email to the client’s chosen language is shown at the highest point of the email when the capability distinguishes the language of the email’s content. The user can press “Translate to English” to see the translated text, for example, in the event that an email is in Spanish and their preferred language is English.

Users can choose to never translate emails from a particular language again or ignore the banner if they don’t wish to translate the email. Additionally, users can modify their preferences for translation in the settings by choosing which languages they want to always translate or never translate.

How to make use of the new Gmail translation function

  • Simply select “Translate” from the drop menu at the top point of your email to translate a message.
  • You can likewise decide not to utilize the translation feature, but rather Gmail will provoke you to do so in the event that it sees that the email’s text isn’t in the default language.
  • When you dismiss the Translate banner, a prompt asking you to “Don’t translate [language] again” will display. Click this to turn off the banner for that language.
  • The three-dot menu contains a selection to manually translate the mail if the system is unable to recognize another language.
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