The future of freelancing is skills, not a four-year long college degree

Freelancing is becoming extremely popular recently. In countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan, and China, people are preferring freelancing curtesy huge gaps between industry and academia.

Freelancers are self-employed. They work from the comfort of the couch at home. They are responsible to find projects, winning them and delivering on the agreed schedule, and getting paid.

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For Freelancing, there are many niches in demand. These skill sets are relatively new and have surfaced since the birth of the internet. Skillsets such as web designing, web development, mobile app development, and many administrative jobs are high in demand and continue to grow in modern times.

For an employer, choosing a freelancer over a full-time employee is more beneficial. They do not have to pay their insurance fees, monthly salary, and other benefits a typical job requires.

For skilled resources, freelancing is pure freedom. It demands excelling in a particular field, learning a skill, and offering that skill on different freelance marketplaces and making money.

In order to become a successful freelancer for computer-related jobs. You do not require a 4-year college degree. All you need to master is a skill-set and the ability to communicate effectively in order to sell your services online.

College degree

A college degree for a computer-related skill set does not teach you all emerging, trending skills in demand by the industry. As a freelancer who has been freelancing for over 2 decades, I have seen kids starting freelancing before getting admission into college and also making good money.

The reason for their success is attributed to their ability to master a skill to perfection and also work on their communication skills to do effective business development.

The Internet is full of education. Websites such as YouTube, Lynda, and Udemy offer comprehensive courses to learn emerging, trending skills online and pursue a career online.

In short, if you want to become a successful online freelancer, you do not necessarily need a 4-year college degree. Learn a skill, and master it to perfection. Learn the art of communication and business development and you are better destined to become successful.

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