Freelancing is a fuel for many of the world’s vital industries

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A decade ago, the new force of highly skilled laborers liberated itself from the traditional ways of employment. The internet expansion provided them opportunities to enjoy freedom while deciding on working hours, pay rates, and location for themselves.

As predicted by analysts and economists, freelancing has proven to be the fuel for many of the world’s vital industries. The strengthening bond between employers and employees is attracting the workforce to join this unique way of doing work.

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Rise of the Freelance Class:

This self-employed workforce presents a comprehensive picture of freelancers getting engaged in various fields. Comprising almost all areas, freelancers are found working as:

1. Writers
2. Editors
3. Artists
4. Designers
5. Photographers
6. Marketing professionals
7. Copywriters
8. Graphic designers
9. Software developers
10. Advertising professionals
11. Illustrators

The United States is becoming the largest place for a freelance workforce. According to the research, almost 54 million have adopted freelancing as their full-time profession. In previous years, one-third of the US population choose to freelance as a part-time job and now it is predicted to make up 50 percent of the labor force by the end of 2020.

Benefiting from the artistic pursuits of the freelancing field, people are realizing the importance of this profession. It is not just reducing your commute time to the office; it is about making your hours more productive and efficient for work. All around the globe, a large number of young adults are joining the freelance profession because it does not require a degree and they have to worry about taxes or retirement plans.

The Issues:

With the boom of the freelance generation, the traditional ways of work give the impression of a past history today. But freelancers do face challenges that make this profession unstable most of the time. These challenges include deprivation from traditional programs, with no insurance facility, and facing taxes for being independent. The flexibility in the working hours has made this profession a viable career path but the problems faced in such a lifestyle are resulting in a demand for a policy change for income and insurance stability and for building a better future for the independent workforce. Freelancers are now urging businesses of all sizes to realize the issues and provide needed protection to support independent workers.

Growing Freelance Verticals:

Freelancing is the kind of field that offers more benefits with a lesser amount of finances. IT freelancers can do miracles with technology for the business and offer more productivity, solving software problems and building efficient operating systems.

Top-notch freelancers have experience in solving tasks that are important for business success and this helps startups to overcome everyday challenges. Freelancers gain experience in marketing, advertising, and tax paying at an early stage whereas fresh college graduates are not even familiar with such practices during their study years.

Freelancers can assist today’s small businesses by designing and maintaining websites, apps, and various other programs. Specialization of freelancers in more than one talent can be of much usability for new startups.

In Pakistan:

Like the rest of the world, Pakistan also enjoys the benefits of information technology. It is empowering people to improve their lives and stay informed about the outside world. Pakistan has a high-value market for freelancers and their services provide different avenues to raise the economic status of the country.

In previous years, the self-employment notion in the form of freelancing has doubled and has changed the landscape to compete in the international market. Skilled Pakistani freelancers are attracting clients from all over the world and are working on projects on an everyday basis. Their input is contributing to our country’s economic growth.

With the abundant increase in internet use, co-working spaces have emerged alongside the startup boom. These co-working spaces are becoming important segments for freelance writers, designers, photographers, etc. as they create a stronger sense of community among the individuals. In the last five years the ratio of these spaces has increased globally and in Pakistan, these models are popping up in the market and are high in demand by freelancers.

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