8 Freelance Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well

The 2019 MBO Report finds that full-time independents are persistent, happy, extremely confident, and are the most tech-savvy core.

Today the independent workforce loves being self-employed. They are stronger and more confident than at any time in history.

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According to a 9th annual State of Independence in America report, the 41 million Americans who are self-employed, work as freelancers, consultants and contractors are a huge-economic force. They generated $1.28 trillion in revenue for the US economy in 2018 alone.

In the current situation of low unemployment, independent workers are a force to reckon with and exhibit as a viable, desirable option.

“Independent work continues to be a compelling way to make a living, build valuable skills, find satisfaction, and contribute to economic security for a growing number of Americans,” said Gene Zaino, founder and CEO of MBO Partners.

Freelancing is getting extremely popular and it is expected to be the mainstream workforce model in the future. Every one out of three people would be self-employed and will be boss of their own.

As freelancing gains massive popularity in the U.S., it is actually a very good time for the rest of the world to learn a skill and start offering their services online on different freelance marketplaces.

The reason is very simple, the majority of Americans would like to expand their business, therefore, opting to choose Asian freelancers for their jobs to save money and get the tasks done.

To cash on this opportunity, I believe the following 8 freelance jobs are going to be high in demand, at least in the next ‘two’ years.

  1. Programming (WordPress, Application Development, PHP)
  2. Logo Design/Brochure Designing (Graphic Designing, Infographic Designing)
  3. Video Animation (Video Editing)
  4. E-Commerce (Shopify, WordPress, PHP, WoCommerce, Magento)
  5. Mobile App Development (Native and Hybrid)
  6. Content Writing (Creative writing, blogging)
  7. SEO/SMM (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing)
  8. Photography (Event/Places Photography)

One can easily learn these skills within a couple of months by joining their nearby institute or by taking courses from Udemy or Lynda.

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