Harvard University is offering free online courses

Harvard University is offering free online courses

Harvard University Free Online Courses are an excellent opportunity for students, teachers, professors, career teachers, IT experts, doctors, and anyone else from all over the world to study at Harvard for free. It will be a great chance for those who want to add some extra and valuable skills to their resume which will be relevant to any career or future opportunity. Harvard’s free courses are designed to give the best knowledge to all without any regional restrictions.

Harvard University’s free online courses for domestic and international students vary in the areas covered by these courses. These short online courses cover almost all humanities fields and genres, be it science, humanities, literature, history, or any other popular subject. So, everyone has a chance to get a good free study from Harvard, because their interest can be easily acquired from these short Harvard courses. It has been the primary mission of Harvard University since its inception and wholeheartedly to promote excellence in teaching, learning, and research.

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Harvard University’s free online classes are available to people around the world in partnership with Edex to make a difference in learning skills around the world. Harvard was founded in 1636 and is the oldest institution of higher learning in America with more than 360,000 Harvard students worldwide.

It has always been the dream of every student to be a part of this prestigious institution, but there are many economic or regional issues that hinder students’ efforts to study at Harvard. This free online course opportunity comes as a dream come true for prospective students.

How to apply:

  1. To register, click here
  2. Register yourself by giving details like name, email, country, and password.
  3. Verify your email.
  4. Enroll in any free courses and get started online
  5. If you want a certificate, you’ll have to pay a small fee
  6. No deadline.

Courses of Harvard University:

Harvard University offers the following Free Online Courses:

1. Introduction to Programming with Scratch:

In this course, you will learn an overview of programming using Scratch, a visual programming language that allows ambitious programmers to write code by simply dropping and dragging graphical blocks (similar to puzzle pieces) rather than typing text.

2. Data Science:

Data science

If data science is your field and wants to learn from your very own well-known teachers from Harvard University? Then you must visit this as here you’ll get more than 15+ Free online courses. Each course has different instructors and different course duration.

3. Programming with Python and JavaScript:

In this course, Database design, scalability, security, and user experience are just a few of the topics covered. You will learn to write and then use APIs, create compelling UIs, and equity cloud services such as GitHub as well as Heroku through hands-on projects.

4. CS50’s Understanding Technology:

Understanding Technology

This course serves as an introduction to technology for students who do not consider themselves computer-literate. This course is 6 weeks long and it is designed for those who work every day with technology but don’t understand how it all works and if something goes wrong how to solve it. This course will empower you to use the technology more effectively.

5. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python:

If you want to be part of the most advanced and popular domain of computer science then this course is for you. By taking this course you will be an expert in Artificial intelligence as this is the most famous course ever. The theoretical framework and how to apply these powerful techniques in your work will be the most discussed topic in this Artificial Intelligence with Python course. So don’t wait, let’s get started!

6. Introduction to Game Development:

Want to learn video game implementation and how our childhood games were designed such as Pokeman, Angry Birds, etc? Then this course is for you. In this course, you will be going to explore the principles of 2D and 3D graphics, animation, and different sounds by using frameworks like Unity and language like Lua and C#. By class’s end, you’ll have programmed several of your own games and gained a thorough understanding of the basics of game design and development.

7. Mobile App Development with React Native:

In this course, you will learn modern JavaScript (including ES6 and ES7) as well as JSX, a JavaScript extension. Through hands-on projects, you’ll gain experience with React and its paradigms, app architecture, and user interfaces. By the end of this course, you will be able to design your own app by yourself.

8. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies:

In the Entrepreneurship, in emerging economics course you will learn how to solve complex problems and will understand to prioritize attempts to these problems and the opportunities for smart Entrepreneurship efforts by developing your own creative solutions. This course will start in April and will end in December. So, don’t waste your time just enroll now and start learning!

9. Data Science: Machine Learning:

Data Science Machine Learning

In this course, you will learn the basics of machine learning and how to perform cross-validation to avoid overtraining, its different algorithms, and how to build a recommendation system. You will learn about training data, and how to use a set of data to discover potentially predictive relationships. You will also learn what is regularization and why it is useful in Machine learning.

10. Calculus Applied

This course is for you if you want to go beyond the calculus textbook and are eager to understand how calculus and mathematical models play a role in work. This course contains a unique supplement to a course in single-variable calculus. Key topics are the application of derivatives, integrals and differential equations, mathematical models, and parameters.


Harvard’s free online courses open new interests and broaden the knowledge of students. Fortunately, these Harvard University courses do not require IELTS/TOEFL or other evidence of language development.

These free online courses are taught by top professors and leading teachers at Harvard University. Also, the registration process is very simple. Additionally, Harvard courses offer students an opportunity to earn a certificate (by paying a small fee).

In addition to the variety of courses, it is available to students at their discretion. Hence, the opportunity to study in the USA for free is an opportunity not to be missed under any circumstances.

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