Following are the 8 ways that can help you receive criticism with grace

You see people in life who take criticism affably and don’t seem to be fazed by it at all. You think as if they are born that way and you wish to be like them. But ask yourself if you really want to be that person? No? Then forget all excuses because there are no traits that can make a person accept criticism graciously. It is a habit that you need to develop over time.

Following are the few ways that can help you to receive criticism with grace:

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Listen generously:

When criticism arrives, you struggle to control yourself and react with confusion or anger. Sometimes it even makes you defensive to the person who is criticizing you. But this behavior will never lead you to success. Therefore instead of interrupting that person in the middle and try to stop the conversation, place your full attention on the person speaking and wait until their feedback is over.

Remain humble:

Once you have listened to what the other person is saying to you, do not start making them wrong. No matter how great you are about what you are being criticized for, be willing to be wrong. It is because no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

Acknowledge what you are being told:

Don’t call yourself brave if you react on being criticized. You are brave if you acknowledge what is being said and find a way to make the person criticizing you right. It absolutely does not mean that you accept what is being said but it means you create a safety for the criticizer and not feel threatened. Be grateful to someone who wants you to improve and it will help you to keep the relationship safe.

Filter the criticism and then believe:

If you start believing all the criticism, you will definitely go crazy. Do not accept all of the criticism or reject all of it at once. Take time to filter it through the lens of truth and then believe what needs to be improved.

Throw out what is not true:

Sometimes people criticize your certain actions because they themselves are afraid to do them. If this is the case, then the criticism isn’t clean and you need to throw it out of your mind immediately.

Comfort yourself with something pleasurable:

When someone criticizes you, you feel bruised. Instead of hiding yourself, comfort your own self with something that soothes your nerves. Watch a funny movie, call a close friend, and go out and enjoy with friends.

Ask questions:

Once you have listened to the criticism, you don’t have to start arguing. Instead of debating on the topic, ask questions to deconstruct the feedback. This will help prevent misunderstandings in the future.

Say thank you:

Not everybody finds time to criticize and those who do absolutely do you really good. If the criticism is right, it points you towards your weak points which you may have ignored. Do not throw thanks while your way out, instead, say it deliberately and thoughtfully. Tell them that you appreciate their comments and be thankful for them to share with you.

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