Finland Work Visa 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Work Visas in Finland

Finland Work Visa

Finland offers a remarkable professional destination due to its emphasis on diversity and work-life balance. The country’s thriving digital industry, vibrant start-up scene, and dedication to sustainability present a wide range of chances for a fulfilling career.

Obtaining a work visa is essential if you want to start an interesting professional path in Finland. This prosperous European country will open up a wealth of job prospects for you.

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Finland Work Visa:

You must get a residence permit based on your job if you want to engage in any lucrative activity in Finland. Depending on the different kinds of labor, there are various residency permits. Each of them has different prerequisites and eligibility. To see the specifics of each sort of permit, go to the official website of the Finnish government.

Generally speaking, should submit an application for a residence permit for an employed individual in the event that there is certainly not a particular residence permit application for your profession.

Do I require a work visa for Finland?

Visas are not necessary for citizens of the following countries to visit Finland for a brief, temporary stay of up to 90 days in any 180-day period:

  • Residents of the United States, New Zealand, Australia, San Marino, the Vatican, the Republic of Andorra, and Japan
  • Residents of the Schengen Area, EEA/EU, and the Nordic Countries

Please be aware that those who don’t need a visa can only work in Finland for up to 90 days at a time. They must register as working residents in Finland beyond this time frame.

Finland’s eligibility for work visas:

In order to be eligible for a residence permit in Finland as an employee, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Obtaining employment in Finland
  • Receiving confirmation from your company that you are qualified for the position
  • Assuring that you will have enough money to support yourself while you are there.

Additionally, you must fulfill the basic requirements for acquiring a residency permit. Please refer to Finland’s basic residency requirements for more information.

Finland’s criteria for work visas:

To obtain a residence permit for an employee, the following paperwork is needed:

  • Valid passport (you must show it when submitting the application for a residence permit)
  • Passport photo that complies with the police’s photo criteria or a code you received from a photo studio, OLEL PK
  • Copies in color on each page of the passport comprising annotations and personal information
  • Document proving your right to remain in the nation where you submitted the application
    If you are already in Finland and applying for your first residence permit, use the form MP_1.

Please be aware that the following conditions must be met in order to get a residence permit for an employee. If you are requesting a different kind of work residence permit, more paperwork might be needed.

Finland Work Visa

Online work visa application for Finland

The procedures for requesting a work-related residency permit are listed below.

  • Complete the form and provide your supporting documentation.

Following these steps will start the application process:

  • On the Enter Finland website, complete the online application. A paper application often costs more money than an online application. You might not need to go to a service point if you applied for your initial residence permit through Enter Finland to apply for an extended permit.
  • You can submit a paper application if you are unable to use Enter Finland.

Cover the processing charges.

The processing fee can be paid in the following ways when submitting an online residence permit application with Enter Finland:

  • Submitting an online application: When submitting your application and establishing your identity in person, you can pay the processing charge using a credit card or your Finnish online banking credentials:
  • Proving your identity in person: Alternatively, you can pay the processing charge when having your identification confirmed at a Finnish embassy or consulate abroad or at a Finnish Immigration Service service center in Finland.

When presenting identification at a Finnish embassy or consulate abroad or at a service location of the Finnish Immigration Service in Finland if you are applying for a residence permit on paper, you must pay the processing cost.

A supplement to your application from the employer:

Your employer must submit extra documents, such as the terms of employment, using Enter Finland for Employers after you have submitted your application through Enter Finland.

Your employer can fill out the ‘Terms of Employment’ paper form if they are unable to use Enter Finland for Employers. In these situations, you must submit the completed form with your Enter Finland application. ‘Terms of Employment’ paperwork completed by your employer must be included if you are submitting a paper application for your residence permit.

Verification of identity at a service location, embassy, or consulate

Please make an appointment at a Finnish mission (embassy or consulate) if you are currently abroad in order to go through the identity check.

Please make an appointment for the identification verification process at a service location of the Finnish immigration office if you are already in Finland.

Wait for the decision:

Please wait for the outcome after submitting your application. The notification procedure varies according to the application method:

  • Online submission through Enter Finland: If you submitted your application online, you will get email and text message notifications regarding the status of your application and any potential requests for more information.
  • Application on paper: On the off chance that you presented a paper application, you will receive email alerts about the status of your application and any potential solicitations for more data.

The residency permit will be sent to the address you supplied throughout the application procedure if your request is granted.

Finland processing time for work visas:

An application for a residence permit for someone who is employed in Finland is anticipated to take around two (2) months to process. Both online and paper applications must be submitted within this time range.

Additionally, Kamu, the official chatbot, can help you easily keep track of the status of your application. Just give Kamu the diary number related to your application, and Kamu won’t just keep you informed regarding the status yet in addition let you in on what amount of time it ought to require to handle your application.

Finland work visa costs:

Depending on the kind of application and whether it is submitted electronically or on paper, different Finland work visa fees apply. The cost breakdown is as follows:

1. Electronic application:

  • The initial permission costs EUR 490.
  • For an extension, pay EUR 160

2. Paper Application:

The initial permission costs 740 euros.
For an extension, pay EUR 430

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