Facebook’s global head of recruiting tells How to impress the interviewer

There are a majority of interviewees who fail to impress a hiring manager. They no doubt have impressive theories on business, intriguing insights on success, and the most relevant information to deliver. But they fail to get their messages across as they do not incorporate dynamic and thoughtful phrases within their interview answers that truly depict their knowledge.

But according to the global head of Facebook’s recruiting team, Miranda Kalinowski, following are the few tips that can help you if you are going for the interview of your dream job:

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Connect your own experiences with that of the company:

When a company hires you, it looks for ways with you can make it progress. Therefore, make sure that during an interview, you connect your own experiences with that of the goals of the company. According to Miranda, people who love to create new things and look beyond the status quo that is highly demanded.

Don’t show vagueness:

When going for an interview, brainstorm some concrete examples as the interviewer would want to dig deep into the details when it comes to problem-solving. The interviewer would be interested in your thought process instead of the problem itself.

Be confident:

Your confidence is something that helps you to be your own advocate. Even if you feel getting confused at some point, your confidence can help you out. Therefore, being confident is the most important aspect when it comes to impressing the interviewer.

Be prepared:

Always be prepared when going for an interview and make the conversation during the process more like a conversation. If you just keep answering questions as you are reciting memorized anecdotes, you will not be able to make an impression.

Express your eagerness:

When you are being interviewed for a company, you eagerness is also being judged. You should definably find a way to express your enthusiasm to the interviewer in a decent manner.

Do research:

Kalinowski suggests that a candidate always need to be prepared for a company’s hiring process. It requires acquiring knowledge through different resources and helpful articles.

Via: Business Insider

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