Facebook rolls out new LIVE streaming features to meet public demand

Facebook followers number decreasing on profile

Facebook is currently working on features that make it easier for people to access Livestream even if they don’t use an FB account.

Currently, in order to view any content, you have to register with Facebook.

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The company will begin allowing non-Facebook users to watch live streams from cell phones This feature was previously exclusive to only PC users. The feature is already available to Andriod users and will be available for IOS users in the coming weeks.

Facebook is also introducing a new feature “Public Switch telephone Network” that will allow live streams to reach those without a smartphone or access to mobile data. The purpose of this feature is to allow people to listen in on live stream via a tollfree number.

At the same time, Facebook Live will be following a podcast format with an audio-only option. This will help users to chime in instead of watching the corresponding video.

The new feature could help Facebook deal with the desire for new services in the wake of the epidemic. The company says its struggling to keep the traffic that is due to the breach of information on the Facebook part which led to a decrease in traffic.

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