Facebook introduces cross-app communication between its Messenger and Instagram

Facebook introduces cross-app communication between its Messenger and Instagram.

Announced today, the world’s largest social media networking company will roll out new functionality that is going to allow Messenger and Instagram users to communicate with one another. The Instagram DM is going to look a lot similar to Messenger. Instagram users will be prompted with the option to update to a new messaging experience. The features include changing chat colors, reacting with emojis, watch videos together, and set messages to auto disappear just like it happens in Messenger.

Image Credits: Facebook

The idea apparently seems to be, navigate users to the world of Facebook, and populate it further. With this new cross-platform integration, many users will start using Facebook-owned companies because they will be able to reach out to their friends and families on both platforms because they are interlinked. The silver lining is, Instagram users do not need to have a Facebook account to use this facility, and vice versa.

Messenger users do not need to have an Instagram account too, yet they will be able to connect with Instagram users. It seems highly likely that somewhere down the roads, Facebook will also inter-connect WhatsApp in the scenario, making the experience just too user-friendly and connecting users of all three different platforms.

Image Credits: Facebook

Users will be given full control to opt-in for the connectivity or chose not to do it. Buckle up folks, you are going to get connected to the world and get in touch with the huge user’s list of all Facebook-owned companies in the near future.