Facebook – Apply Rivalry. The battle just got too serious.

Apple’s Facebook page blue tick removed

Facebook followers number decreasing on profile

Facebook seems to be upset with Apple. The latest iOS update allows iPhone users to opt-out of Facebook tracking.

Apple believes this change will benefit its users while Facebook seems to be taking a stand for small businesses.

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Facebook argues that Apple’s new policy will change the internet and make it worse. The cold-war has just taken to another level after Apple’s new update that aims to educate its users on Facebook tracking and making it easier for the users who chose to opt-out.

Facebook thinks this change will make the internet more expensive as people will be lead to their favorite blogs, websites that will charge fees and will eventually reduce “free” content, and hurt small businesses. The philosophy however does not make perfect sense as Facebook is free for users but then the users are the perfect product whose data is sold to advertisers. Clearly, there’s panic prevailing in the Facebook camp about Apple.

For the last few weeks, the world’s largest social media network has openly advertised in the Wall Street Journal, The Newyork Times, and the Washington post attacking Apply’s new privacy changes.

Apple’s Facebook page blue tick removed:

Now, this is something serious. Look for yourself as we found out that Apple’s page on Facebook does not show a blue verified seal anymore.

It seems like, Facebook is not fighting for small businesses or fighting with Apple, it is fighting for its future, its survival because if Apple takes the notion to the next level and perhaps disconnects all services, Facebook will lose a huge customer base.

Well, When you move fast, you do break things!

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