4 tech toys to empower your kids for the future

Children can learn hands-on, and interactively with cutting-edge technology through tech toys that combine education and entertainment. Today’s new generation is growing up in a digitally connected century where all roads lead to Coding. It is the kind of new literacy for children that may not replace traditional education, but it will definitely act as a global vernacular for understanding the working of upcoming technologies.

Parents always read to their children from a young age and encourage them to write. They do not expect their kids to become novelists with these skills but provide them with a pathway to productivity and prosperity. It’s the same with coding as not every coding job involves working in a blue-chip tech company.

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Most people consider coding as hitting at the keyboard or eyes affixed on a text editor. There are toys that bring the joys of programming to a child’s life. These toys can be the best gift for your kids for learning. Below given is a collection of toys that can help your kids to acquire complete knowledge of today’s technological world.

LEGO BOOST Creative ToolBox:

LEGO announced a new block set for kids in August to teach kids the basics of Coding. In combination with the versatility of the original system, this new block set named LEGO BOOST Creative ToolBox reveals coding principles to young children. Over 840 traditional pieces are included in the box along with access to a free tablet application. It also contains some latest specialized items such as encoded interactive motors, color, and distance sensors, etc.

Dance Code Belle:

Leading toy companies are not producing traditional products anymore; they are interested in creating STEM toys for kids. With a lot of emphases on women’s technical education, a lot of companies have started making technical toys for girls. The latest STEM toy created is a Belle doll inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie. The additional feature of this doll besides being a traditional doll is that it can be linked with a programming app to help girls learn to code original dance routines. The product will be available for sale in Spring in the US market

Sphero SPRK+:

Tech toys - Sphero

Sphero has been revamped with the introduction of coding. It is not just an old ball now which only requires catching, throwing, or kicking, it invites kids to program the Sphero SPRK+ ball’s movement in artistic ways.


Tech toys - Kano

The above toys are good for sparking an interest in coding for children. But once they acquire the basic knowledge, they need to know the difference between toys and actual coding techniques. And for that matter, Kano has been developed. Kano makes kids learn how gadgets function and help them create their own computer, speakers, and screen by providing them with various kits.

These are the 21st century skills that all kids must acquire. These skills are absolutely necessary for a child’s academic success as well as for their future job prospects.

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