Want to get a virtual USA bank account in Pakistan? | Get Elevate Pay

CEO Elevate Pay

We published a post announcing Elevate Pay’s debut in Pakistan in January. Elevate in a Y-Combinator-backed Fintech dedicated to empowering Pakistani freelancers and remote workers. Amid challenges pivoting around holding US dollars, Elevate offers a one-stop solution for all payments while protecting your earnings.

Its vision is to become the go-to offshore banking solution for Pakistani remote workers, offering a straightforward pathway for receiving payments and creating wealth from anywhere in the world.

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Hisham Sarwar, a famous Pakistani social media influencer is conducting a LIVE session on YouTube with Mr. Khalid Keenan. The conversation aims to clear clouds about Payment securities, virtual accounts, and earnings protection.

Click on the above thumbnail and notify yourself of this exciting live stream as Hisham Sarwar plans to talk about payment problems in Pakistan and encourage Mr. Khalid to take steps to solve those problems.

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