Dubai Launches Gaming Visa to attract global gamers

Dubai New Gaming Visa

With the goal of attracting skilled gamers from all over the world, Dubai has recently introduced the Gaming Visa Initiative. These are long-term visas. With this action, Dubai also hopes to become a significant player in the world gaming market.

This project is a part of Dubai’s 2033 Program for Gaming, which intends to lay out the city as a significant overall gaming center point by that year. With the assistance of this plan, Dubai desires to add 30,000 workers and an incredible $1 billion to its GDP. With the use of a unique Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate, it will offer long-term residency to video game players, content producers, and business professionals.

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However, to be qualified for this certificate, candidates should be at least 25 years of age. Moreover, candidates should present a copy of their passport and a resume with an emphasis on gaming.

The following are all the documents needed to apply:

  1. Passport copy.
  2. Educational qualification.
  3. Proof of contribution to the gaming community (optional).
  4. Desired job roles.
  5. Residence permits / EIDs (if available).
  6. A relevant CV.
  7. Personal details such as workplace, residence, etc.

Players who are interested in the program must apply to the Dubai Gaming Initiative website. Upon submission, candidates will get email updates, and if their application is accepted, they will be awarded the Creative and Talented Accreditation Certificate.

As part of the plan, Dubai is not only inviting gamers but also programmers, developers, entrepreneurs, and top tech businesses. The city hopes to reduce the time it takes to process visas from one month to only five days by investing considerably in this area.


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