Dubai announces 150+ government positions with benefits and a minimum tax-free salary of 5000 dirhams.

Private-sector employment in Dubai is the most popular choice for expatriates. However, the public sector offers better working hours and compensation. For qualified candidates, there are many government jobs available in Dubai. There are many government agencies that can assist job seekers, including Dubai Culture, Dubai Women Establishment, Dubai Customs, etc. Several government jobs are available in Dubai for ex-pats in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

This article will also highlight 10 Government Departments of Dubai Offering jobs to qualified professionals:

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  1. Dubai Police
  2. Department of Economic Development jobs
  3. Municipality Department Jobs
  4. Roads & Transport Authority Jobs
  5. Jebel Ali Free-zone Authority Jobs
  6. Dubai Health Authority
  7. Knowledge & Human Development Authority Jobs
  8. Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing Jobs
  9. Dubai Civil Aviation Authority Jobs

Payscale in Dubai:

The minimum tax-free pay in Dubai for government relations officers is 5,000 AED ($1,361).

Perks of living in Dubai:

Dubai is known for its tax-free salaries. Combining these factors and other perks such as airfare, accommodations, health insurance, and training opportunities makes Dubai an attractive city for government professionals.


The candidate must have at least a Bachelor’s degree and experience working in the government sector. There are some companies that do not require years of experience for administrative positions. Check out our current vacancies and job opportunities in Dubai for more information on job requirements, skills, salary, and employment benefits. The following is a list of government jobs available in Dubai.

To Apply Online:


Due to its constantly evolving economy, Dubai has become an ideal location for finding lucrative opportunities. The UAE is home to a wide variety of exciting employment opportunities, ranging from prestigious city positions to successful businesses.



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