Cybersecurity Framework Unveiled by IT Ministry with National CERT Rules

Under the recently passed Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Rules 2023, the Ministry of IT and Telecom has announced the creation of a comprehensive cybersecurity framework, which includes the National Computer Emergency Team (National CERT). This is a ground-breaking move.

The Initiative

The Ministry’s representatives highlight the critical role of the National CERT in strengthening digital defenses, underscoring a larger endeavor to improve the nation’s cybersecurity capabilities.

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Bolstering Foundations

The groundwork for the National CERT has been meticulously laid through the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) project, “Cyber Security for Digital Pakistan.” This initiative ensures the readiness of infrastructure, skilled personnel, and the procurement of necessary software and hardware.

Website Launch – PKCERT

The recently launched PKCERT website will be a cornerstone in disseminating knowledge about cyber threats, ranging from cyber-attacks to cyber terrorism and espionage. This platform will seamlessly integrate with the ongoing PSDP project upon the official notification of the National CERT.

Sectoral CERTs and Coordination

Following the National CERT notification, the subsequent establishment of Sectoral CERTs underscores a holistic approach to cybersecurity that transcends national boundaries.

CERT Council Formation

A crucial step in this process is the formation of the CERT Council, a sophisticated layer of coordination involving members from the National CERT, Sectoral CERTs, and various ministries/divisions.

Complex Composition

Ministry officials acknowledge the complexity of the Council’s composition, leading to the decision to finalize it post-notification of both the National CERT and Sectoral CERTs.

The National Cyber Emergency Response Team’s (NCERT) function

Entrusted with protecting digital assets, sensitive data, and vital infrastructure, the NCERT of Pakistan is expected to play a key role in government operations.

Multiple Facets of Accountability

Research and development, detection, prevention, and response to cyber threats, as well as the establishment of strong cybersecurity policies, are all included in the NCERT’s duties.

Global Collaboration

The Ministry intends to promote global collaboration in the field of cybersecurity, acknowledging that cyber threats are worldwide in scope and that cooperative measures to counter them are imperative.


The move by the Ministry of IT and Telecom is a big step in the direction of a safer digital environment. The creation of the CERT Council, Sectoral CERTs, and National CERT is indicative of a thorough and proactive approach to cybersecurity.

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