Copy Paste – Apple`s Worst Nightmare

Software manufacturers built an app that can read temp data on the device clipboard.

Any cut and paste data found on your clipboard can be accessed by all apps, even the malicious ones. The data can be investigated which can reveal a user`s GPS location, password, banking data.etc

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This flaw was detected by a German Software Engineeer Tommy Musk, who created an app called KlipboardSpy to verify is claims that this flaw exists. To highlight and demonstrate his concerns, Mysk focused on photos taken by the user as they contain the time and GPS metadata that can be used by intelligence agencies to locate a certain user.

Through the GPS coordinates contained in the embedded image, any app used by the user can read the location stored and accurately identify the user precise location.

This is considered to be a huge breach of Apple POV. Apple’s response is that they never considered a vulnerability, rather than a basic function of OS and apps that run on them. However, this is only possible if the user has a background App refresh option enabled.

If it is Turned off, the user doesn`t have to worry about anything.

Reddit users have been demanding Apple make clipboard access permission but to no avail. In 2018, a crypto-based malware-infected 2.3 million bitcoin addresses. The malware targeted bitcoin data.

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