ChatGPT rolls out the voice chat feature. Here’s how to use it

ChatGPT voice

Despite the course of actions that prevailed at OpenAI pivoting around the firing and comeback of Sam Altman as head of the organization, the new voice chat feature on ChatGPT is unveiled. The new voice feature is introduced to the CHATGPT Android and iOS mobile apps. The feature is available for FREE to both Free and Paid users.

Do you want to use the voice chat feature in ChatGPT, follow these four simple steps.

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  1. Install the ChatGPT app on your phone (Android & iOS).
  2. Sign in with your account.
  3. Navigate to the “headphone” icon at the bottom right corner to initiate a voice chat.
  4. Now you can chat with voice using ChatGPT. You can converse in natural language and the application listens to your voice.

You can also change the voice by tapping on your account at the bottom, clicking on “voice” under the speech section, and selecting any voice type.

ChatGPT voice chat integration is simple and the experience is different from Google Assistant or Apple Siri. It feels more natural and the sequence of conversation is maintained nicely. The feature is in its early days, sometimes slow to respond but we assume it will improve with the next update.

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Written by Tauseef Sarwar

Digital Marketer with 15 Years of experience in Management & Marketing. SEO Consultant, specialising in Social Media Marketing & Branding. Adobe and Google Certified Professional.